Conagusuri – チルミックス

Well you guys did want Touhou. So what if it’s just an album of remixes of one song?

Album Name: チルミックス
Artist/Group: Conagusuri (こなぐすり)
Release Date: 08/14/09 (Comiket 76)

Original PV

  1. チルミルチルノ Mo☆MoCHILMILK MIX
    Needs more cowbell. A slightly laid back version of the original. Doesn’t have the same upbeat feel as the original but still pretty Team 9, right?
  2. チルミルチルノ 五反田MIX
    Hah, the opposite of the first track? A little more rock and the like. Still, it’s hard to take anything to seriously with a Cirno singing in her cute voice like that. Mostly just trance after the intro and is a little less serious.
  3. チルミルチルノ 粉乳MIX
    A sort of Trancecore remix this time. I think they could have done something to make the vocals fit in a little more but that was really the only thing that bothered me. Love the two minute mark too. Went back and listened to that a couple of times.
  4. チルミルチルノ ⑨へのカウントダウンMIX
    This time a little slower mix. Sort of. This song manages to mess around with the vocals, something the other tracks seemed to neglect. This made the song seem entirely different whereas track three, although good, was just a song and the vocals on top. This manages to make something new. Props to track four.
  5. チルミルチルノ Cathedral MIX
    Probably my favourite track. Pretty hard to make Chirumiru Cirno sound serious-badass as opposed to cute-badass. If there is such a thing (there is). Vocals are the same throughout but the backup Team-9 get to be ‘cathedral’ chorus like. Which is cool I suppose.
  6. チルミルチルノ full swing’n pop MIX
    Cute pop remix. A little strange take on track four with the vocals being distorted kinda. Song itself, remix aside, is surprisingly cute. Which isn’t something I should be listening for but just saying. Sort of makes me tired too, hearing the vocals slowed down. Nice jazz piano down the sound later and the vocals are a little less distorted.
  7. チルミルチルノ LiLAC Remix
    Another techno remix. Messing with the vocals again. That always helps. Song itself is pretty cool too. But like the last track, lacks a lot of upfront vocals. Mostly just integrated into the song rather than being a seperate part of the song. If that makes sense.
  8. チルミルチルノ 真夏のMilkywayMIX MiYAMO
    Another slower pop remix. Very laid back and calm. The backround singers are very nice and soothing too. Really, this album has been surprising. I wouldn’t have guessed that one hyper song could be morphed into so many different kinds of songs. Very nicely done.
  9. チルミルチルノ オリジナルカラオケバージョン
    To finish us off, we have the instrumental of the original song.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10
Recommended tracks: チルミルチルノ Cathedral MIX (5), チルミルチルノ 粉乳MIX (3)

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