Aku no Musume Performance

Aku no Musume

Slooowpoke here again. Just saw this and thought it was the most totally awesome cool thing ever. Since I hadn’t heard of it until now, I figured maybe others hadn’t either?

As reported here (with details and the such) is the announcement of a play (?) that will take place in late January (tickets have been selling since November) based off the song Aku no Musume by mothy_悪ノP featuring Rin and Len Kagamine (whose characters are named Lillian and Alen respectively in the play).

Hopefully, this play will some how reach NicoNico so a wider audience of fans might be able to watch. Still, pretty cool idea. Seems like many VOCALOID songs are starting to get their own series’ and spinoff events. Next one? I’d like to put my money on Kokoro. . .

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