Night Wizard, Clannad and Shugo Chara

Well holy hell. I haven’t seen Prism Ark yet but woah. Night Wizard. Where did that come from? I accidentally watched it and I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely blogging that one! Same with Shugo Chara. It was surprisingly enjoyable…like watching a Mahou Shoujo anime through the eyes of that quiet, moody character (ie, Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew). I’ll blog this as well probably. But I got a bone to pick with that ugly short blond kid. Way to go generic. Clannad is also surprisingly funny for a Key series but I don’t think I’ll blog it. Many others are doing a better job at it already.

So I watched Shugo Chara first. EVEN though I want to watch Prism Ark most. But it was really good. Amu was really, lol, cool. Her little sister was so annoying she was cute and those little Chara’s make me want to punch my cat, J.D. Actually I can find very little good to say about this show except that hot blond chick from the opening. But I really like the show even though I want to say a lot of bad things about it (boo pretty cure style animation).

Amu is super cute. Super cute. Her mom is so awesome and her story is so awesome. They mistook having nothing to say for being cool. Plus that scent pervert line (see site banner). Those little Chara’s are going to be annoying and disliked by me if they don’t pop out more lines like “Amu is a scent pervert!”


ewww…Pretty Cure (not the first season either) vibes.

I’ve got a bone to pick with you, you little freak. I loathe you. The moment I set eyes on you I hated you. First, plaid isn’t cool. It will never be cool. Second, Kazune (see Kamichama Karin) was around first. If I see one more Magical Knight companion with short blond hair I’mma pop a cap in that ugly son of a guns ass. Take that as a warning. I hate this little mofo. Seriously he’s going to ruin the entire show for me. Seriously who uses a gelatinous blob as a magical attack? You fail, shortie. You fail.

Awesome. I love Nagisa. But I’m not going to blog it. I will blog Night Wizard though. I’ll blog the series when it gets to episode five. From one to five. I’ll blog Shugo Chara when episode two or three comes out.

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  • Totali

    October 15, 2007

    Night Wizard is based off of a PS2 game. Wasn’t Shugo Chara great?? I’m not blogging it because I’m too embarrassed…it’s just got so much gurl power about it. Nagisa wins!!

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