‘ROKKENJIMA in LOVE’ Information

Read about this yesterday, didn’t click in till now to write something about it here. I don’t normally post about every new doujin album that pops up but Umineko no Naku Koro ni ones are few and far between (compared to Touhou or Higurashi, atleast).

Rokkenjima in Love is an album featuring image songs based on a number of characters and in one case a scene. The cover is provided by a contest winner on Pixiv.


  1. OPPAI in LOVE (Battler Ushiromiya’s Image Song)
  2. えぐりて☆ (Stakes of Purgatory’s Image Song)
  3. 金色の夜想曲~Golden Nocturne~ (Beatrice’s Image Song)
  4. 六軒島慕情=交響幻想曲「無限の魔女 (Kumasawa and Virgilia’s Image Song)
  5. 性善説 (Trollkastel’s Image Song)
  6. 切願のタランテラ (Maria Ushiromiya’s Image Song)
  7. Revive (Beatrice vs. Virgilia (Battle in EP3) Image Song)
  8. Reverse a Chessboard (Kyrie Ushiromiya’s Image song)
  9. entreat (Ange Ushiromiya’s Image Song)

Many were surprised at Bern having a song. I was hoping for something a little less likable. Also, I find it surprising that Kyrie has a song and Eva doesn’t? Strange but I guess it depends on the ones making the songs? Well whatever. All the previews sound great. My favourite being track #4 and track #7 (although it has been collectively decided the lyrics would have worked better in ‘another‘ song, IYKWIM). With such Doujin masters such as Alstroemeria Records, SOUND HOLIC (although A~YA should have been recognizable in Kyrie’s song. She’s the Queen of Jazz, honestly), ARM, Misawa Aki, Katakiri Rekka, COOL&CREATE and both XAKI (and his crew) and dai from the original Umineko OST, this album promises to be one of the exciting things to look forward to at C77.

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