Mamyukka – Evilz

As usual, cover drew me in. Understandable, right? Cause it’s really, really cute. That being said, this album has potential to be super creepy. Which makes this time of year a strange time to review this but that hasn’t mattered before.
Album Name: Evilz
Artist/Group: Mamyukka
Release Date: 10/11/09 (M3-24)

First album by this new circle Mamyukka. Interesting idea, no doubt. The story is about “a carnival of villains, which includes the Queen from Snow White, the Black Swan from Swan Lake, Kaguya Hime, and Captain Hook”. Unfortunately, I probably can’t give you much more information than that.

  1. Overture
    You hear carnival with creepy evil overtones and think of Dark Woods Circus. It’s only natural. nobody can blame you for that. Complete with creepy laughing (well, giggling actually), cawing crows and ominous whispering, this intro is creepy.
  2. Evil’s Prologue
    More strange little girl whispers a la Maria with cute vocals to match. Well cute, yeah. But with the screaming and stuff in the back they come off as… well… I won’t use the C word again. Still, I’m a sucker for a noblewoman’s laugh. Chorus is actually really catchy. I’m probably going to be humming it for the rest of the day.
  3. Mirror Fantasia
    The Queen from Snow White’s tale. I really liked the parts between her and the lighter vocals that I assume were Snow White? Maybe, I’m not sure. Like I said, couldn’t find much of the story. I really, really like the vocalist for the Queen. Maybe I just have this thing for Ojou-sama type vocalists? The song is really… surprisingly… fun up until the middle mark where it slows down a bit and pianos briefly take over. The song resumes it’s same tempo as earlier but it seems a lot scarier this time.
  4. Cygne Noir
    The Black Swan’s song. I’m not really familliar with this fairy tale so I don’t have the slightest clue of it’s origins and the story behind this song. Vocals aren’t as delicious this time around but then again the song itself isn’t as exciting.
    I had heard Kaguya’s story many years ago when I was a wee tot but I had never considered Kaguya to be really horrible. Unless I’m just not remembering it correctly. I mean maybe a bitch but whatever. Song itself is pretty slick. The vocals aren’t as hot but I know they’d go over well with others. Cute, atleast. And the part with the background vocals is pretty awesome too.
  6. Hook Hook Hook!
    Captain Hook’s song. So the first real guy song. Fun althrough out with that little chilling hint. Still, even though Captain Hook is a villain I can’t help but see him as a bit silly. So this song sort of came out that way to me too. Maybe if I knew the lyrics. . .
  7. Halloween Parade
    I couldn’t tell who this villain was or whatever. Again with the creepy. The kids at the beginning freaking out  was done nicely because I got chills at a second. Returns more to the carnival-parade theme. Vocals are a little childish and the whole song feels of Maria. Okay, stop comparing them now.
  8. Evil’s Epilogue
    Epilogue featuring all the villains. Or, if you prefer, crowning music of awesome. Basically the same as track two just with all the vocalists/villains singing. The switch between each vocalists style and sound was nice. I really love when the ending track goes out with a nice bang. I think that means the album was a success. Something like that, yeah.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10
Recommended tracks: Evil’s Epilogue (8), Mirror Fantasia (3)

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  • Adt610

    January 27, 2012

    OMG! I like Mamyukka and this site is nice. Thanks for the info!

    Do you know the Nightmare Opera story?

    PD: sorry, my english it so bad D:

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