Album Review Poll Results

I didn’t say anything early but I maybe should have? Anyways, the poll on the side that has been running for a few weeks has been to help me gauge what reader might like to see reviewed more. My preferences are obviously original albums but that seems to be an unpopular choice. Touhou was in the lead for most of them time since the poll started but has since been taken over by Vocaloid. Something Vocaloid will be reviewed soon! I promise! The Exit Trance choice is probably for show. Even if that won, I’d probably only review the same stuff I normally do!
Ahahaha! The (´・ω・`) choice? For lulz of course.

The poll isn’t ending quite yet though so things can still change. (but I hope they don’t~)


  • Rakuen

    December 23, 2009

    There’s this Touhou doujin music track, well actually a music video done with stylized shadows— Bad Apple! It’s really well done.

    And yep. Been a while since I last visited. You will have to forgive me. You have the greatest banner this season. It’s fantastic.
    .-= Rakuen´s last blog ..Snows of Promises: A Winter 2010 Anime Preview =-.

  • Fang-tan

    December 24, 2009

    Aha~ I was just thinking of doing a post full of Bad Apple!! parodies. I absolutely love that song now.

    That’s okay~ also, I agree. Awesome banner is pretty awesome. :D

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