I may be RAEG-ing at EP6 right now but I figured I could do this before Comiket albums pour in.

That being said, all bias aside, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an album so much.

Artist/Circle: V.A
Release Date: 12/23/09
Website: http://www.animate.tv/pv/details.php?id=1259726117 (I dunno…)

  1. OPPAI in LOVE!!
    Battler’s image song done by some of the guys over at COOL&CREATE. Boy! Is that sure noticeable. Pretty fun song (if you don’t know what oppai means than lol). The best part is the chorus though. Totally COOL&CREATE, right? Totally piece-Battler! (it is worth noting that I could no longer enjoy this song for it’s fun anymore because of Battler in EP6. That is all)
  2. えぐりて
    The Stakes of Purgatory image song done by some of the guys over at IOSYS. Actually, Youno and ARM so I kinda wished miko would have done the vocals (even though Momiji Yamamoto is great, despite never hearing of her). Errrrhh, Albatrosicks~ nothing at c77? Anyways, I didn’t enjoy this song much. Seemed too plain for me. Then ARM shone. Truly proved why he is so awesome. Awesome trancecore-esque bgm saves this song.
  3. 金色の夜想曲~Golden Nocturne~
    Beato’s song. I really like Chain better even though Rekka is great. Enjoyed the laugh. Voice is probably closer to how I imagined Beato even if I do enjoy Chain more. So props for that.
  4. 六軒島慕情=交響幻想曲「無限の魔女」
    Virgillia and Chiyo’s song? Nice choice! Fits them pretty well. Smoky, mature, just right. I’ve heard the vocalist before but I can’t tell from where yet… composer is xaki who does produce the games ED songs such as discode and activepain.
  5. 性善説
    Bernkastel’s image song? Well yeah. Fuck you Bernkastel. I must say, I tried very hard to dislike this song because I hate her. But it’s pretty good. Very soft. So it is Bern like. However it would be more Bern like if you felt like you were getting majorly trolled by listening to it. Composed by dai and I swear one part sounded like you near the middle. Listen for yourself and tell me if you hear it.
  6. 切願のタランテラ
    Maria’s image song. I appreciate her getting a mature vocalist and a little slower (at first) track too. It jazzes up but it still is soft-spoken. I don’t recognize the composer but Aki Misawa is a pretty popular doujin singer.
  7. Revive
    Beatrice vs. Virgilia/EP3 Battler image song. Oh so awesome. My favourite. Plus produced by Masayoshi Minoshima! Impressive! Everything about the song is awesome. Don’t recognize the vocalist but I absolutely love her voice. It’s sort of soft against the music but perfect. As soon as I’m done this, I’m going to look into some more of her tracks.
  8. Reverse a Chessboard
    Kyrie’s image song. I sort of wondered about including Kyrie but not Eva? (Unless it’s a hint…) Done by Sound Holic’s jazz side, Swing Holic featuring A~YA. Now, I don’t care for jazz all that much but I love A~YA and Swing Holic. They may not produce my favourite track off the album they’re on but they won’t disappoint, that’s for sure. And that is the case here as well.
  9. entreat
    Ange’s image song. I love this song. It’s so slow and sad. Perfect for Ange. Recognize the composer but not the vocalist. It just sounds so tragic. I can’t really say anything else without drilling it into your head that this song makes me sad. It’s just that kind of song and that’s what it’s meant to be.

Fang’s Rating: 10/10 (bias aside, I enjoyed every track)
Recommended tracks: entreat (9), Revive (7)

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