Kieli vol. 1 & 2 Review (Manga)

omfg I love this series soooooo much. Ordered both volumes of the manga adaption with some Christmas money I got and it showed me why I was so blown away by the novel.

brb, pre-ordering second volume of the novel.

Story: A more in depth look at the plot and events of the first novel (which these two volumes span) look at the review of the first volume of the novel, Kieli: The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness. Thankfully, a faithful adaption. Well it’s only two volumes so of course it should be! I can’t think of much else to say that I already haven’t in the first review. A young girl, Kieli, runs into a man who is a legendary Undying, an immortal demon built for war, who is helping take a spirit who has possessed a radio back to the place where he dies. On the way they encounter various other spirits and other Undying. One thing I noticed in the first volume was that lots of the characters dialogue dragged on, trying to cover things said in the novel. It wasn’t so bad in the second volume. At least I didn’t notice it in the second volume.

Characters: The characters are presented totally differently here. Not in that they’re out of character but that seeing them is a lot different than reading about them (and the images in the book didn’t help that much, honestly). Kieli is a lot more moe. That’s right I said it. When I first started reading the novel I thought of Harvey as a kuudere. Of course, as I read on I saw that wasn’t the case but it’s easier to tell with some of the great expressions he has in some of his first appearances. Also, it was a lot easier to get an idea of what the Corporal looked like (I totally d’awwwed at the ch. 6 title image of Kieli lying against the Corporal’s human form).

Art: Art is where I have the most to say. I mean it’s the same story and characters but the big difference is the art. The art in the book was old-school shoujo. No doubt. This was a little more… modern? Well for lack of a better word (can’t think of one), let’s go with that. Kieli is drawn so cute sometimes that it honestly hurt. I really love when a manga has great character expressions (I’m looking at you, Yozakura Quartet), if nothing else. Harvey was even drawn pretty cute in some of the early chapters. Becca looked cuter than I thought and the scene where she passes through the train was just too cool. Her passing didn’t have the same emotion that the image in the book had but that it’s. Some of the chapter title images were really great too. My favourites were Kieli and the corporal in ch. 6 and ch. 2 where Harvey and Kieli were sitting together. Didn’t really care for the last chapter image because it seemed they were trying to hard. That being said, the art is clearly amateur in many spots. It’s not terrible. It’s just… a little more than doujin quality? Well, I have some things that are drawn absolutely terribly on my manga shelf and, bias or not, is way below Kieli in quality. Real problem I had with the art? Kieli’s haircut. I already lamented it at the end of the novel and my last review but I didn’t actually see it then. I saw it this time. She sort of looks like a boy. Otherwise, I believe the art helped in making the story just as enjoyable as from when I first read it. I honestly would like to have a look at what other art Shiori Teshirogi has done.

I’m really bummed out there are only two volumes. Maybe one day there’ll be another manga adaption of the novels that followed Wilderness. However I am happy that the only two volumes in the manga series were done flawlessly.

* Moe Kieli
* Harvey x Kieli was too adorable to resist
* Kieli/Becca possession scene and Becca passing through train scene: both awesomely awesome and cool
* Less gorey than I anticipated

Story: 8/10
Characters: 10/10

Fang’s Rating: 10/10 (biased obsession love is still biased)


  • Fang-tan

    January 8, 2010

    Omfg and brb in the same entry? Blasphemy. Excitement turns me into a giddy kid, I guess.

  • Lynemrac

    June 23, 2012

    I just recently started reading Kieli as something to pass time in the summer and I found the novel really enjoyable. During the course of my reading I suddenly ordered three more books of the series. Now I’m frantically searching for blogs that deal with anything Kieli-related. It’s great that I found this site! Thank you!

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