Okamikakushi First Episode Blurb

It took my six hours but I finally watched the first episode of Okamikakushi (I refuse to spell it, correct or not, with two o’s). I guess I shouldn’t say finally. The first episode only came out yesterday sorta, right? I wasn’t expecting subs until the end of the weekend, at the earliest.

I actually haven’t played the game and I’d have not ever given the slightest care when it first came out asides from involving two prominent forces, both of which I love (evident if you followed my blog when it first was created or follow it now in it’s later life).

So, I really didn’t have high expectations going into this episode. Because I watched this over the span of a few hours, I can’t really rate my enjoyment. Was I bored? Well no. I guess not. I don’t find the characters to particularly interesting in any case. Isuzu didn’t annoy me but didn’t delight me by being totally cute. However, if I notice a negative backlash to her character I will probably latch on to her. I like the under-appreciated, less liked characters. Usually. The episode preview shows she might be able to serious up. If that’s the case, I’ll probably like her the best. Mana was pretty cute too. I might enjoy her more if she doesn’t just become helpless-imouto foil who only serves to fuel what looks like a bad-touch brother relationship. Because I sort of got those vibes from Hiroshi (okay, maybe not bad-touch exactly…). Hiroshi doesn’t stand out to me. He’s just apathetic. Sort of. He just seems disinterested. They ALL do. Which brings us to Kaname. She was okay. Less energetic and tiring than Isuzu but boring as hell. Well, it’s only the first episode. And lastly, Nemuru. Who I bet will become a fan favourite next to Okami-girl? Perhaps. Kuudere are always popular right? Well I hate popular but that aside, I just do not like kuudere and do not like her. I just don’t. I’ll say it right now. I’m hoping the plot isn’t as predictable as I’m thinking.

Music wise is where I pay most attention, of course. I’m a little disappointed that the OP and ED were so underwhelming. They were both good just not spectacularly awesome. I preferred the ED but as I watch, if I continue of course, they’ll probably grow on me. I assume Yuki Kajiura was doing the bgm? It sounded like her stuff. I really liked that at least. Can not wait for the OST.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Just thought I post something. If I find anything else subbed tonight, I might do another blurb but don’t hold your breath.

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