Comiket 77 Reviews Update

Okay, okay. It just occurred to me that Comiket has been over for like a week and I haven’t even touched an album. I haven’t looked for them. Hell, I just downloaded Umineko Motion Graphic 6 last night. That’s usually the first thing I go for! Well, in any case that IS awesome. I’ve just been busy. At school/work, watching anime (I’m actually doing it! I never watch anime!), and working on a small VN short story. All this, bundled with Doujinstlye being down when I actually did want to review the albums, has made me forgotten/not care about reviewing them. But never fear!

I’ll try to review something tonight If possible. I’ve picked out a bunch that sound interesting. But most likely, they’ll never make it as far to the site. I dislike writing reviews during the week but seeing as everything I watch comes out at the end of the week (Kimi ni Todoke, Okamikakushi, Inuyasha: Kanketsu-hen, Durararararararararara!!) I should have nothing to do but this. In theory. So, this is just a heads up. I haven’t really forgotten or decided to put it off.

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