[c77] Alstoemeria Records – Plastik World

So this is why I’m supposed to listen to Touhou albums!
Album Name: Plastik World
Artist/Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Release Date: 30/12/2009
Website: http://alst.net/system/?p=217

  1. God Know Will You To Love From True
    The title was giving me a headache trying to figure it out until I heard it in the song. Then it sounded much better than it read. A short intro that gives us a good idea what to expect. I don’t listen to Alstroemeria Records very often but with the popularity of a certain song, I’d have felt expectations suddenly very high. Because I’m sure with the popularity of that song came a lot of new listeners. As partially one of those listeners, this would boost my expectations.
  2. Plain Asia
    Wasn’t very impressed at first. The vocals didn’t really stand out with the quick one-word-ish singing and squealing bgm. But around just after the minute mark where the chorus (?) breaks in and she sings normally nearly blew me away. Then slowing down ever so slightly. Well, you must know by now what that does to me. BGM doesn’t really stand out to me at all though. But simplicity and repetition is ALR’s beauty, right? It does well to highlight the vocals. Make them pop and stand out. That is the case here. Done wonderfully, at that.
  3. Wheel of Fortune
    The bgm is a little more exciting this time. Vocals do the same as the previous track. Slow and low-rolling until the chorus breaks in where they really shine. However, it’s the opposite than the last track. Same sounding form to both lead ups but the chorus in this track utilizes that form and repetition.
  4. Saigetsu
    The longest track on the album. Two different vocalists this time, mican* and 綾倉盟. Nice combination. One is sultry and low while the other is cutesy and high. I’m ashamed to say I would really like to hear the vocalists do a cover of Magnet. They’d make a great Luka and Miku. Anyways, sort of unlike the previous two tracks. When the song speeds up at the chorus they don’t excel like the one vocalist’s previous songs. They do better before the chorus. It sort of drowns them out, almost. BGM is okay around this time too, nothing special.
  5. Plastik World
    After listening to 綾倉盟 this whole time, this vocalist seems a little… boring? Well I hate to say that. She just doesn’t sound out as much. The song itself is more exciting than the previous at least.
  6. m9
    I’m usually less interested in the vocaless tracks. That, of course, isn’t the case here. Masayoshi Minoshima is just awesome. We all know it to be true. Gets a little weird near the middle. Well, it weirded me out anyways. Surprisingly, and hearing the song may question this, easy listening.
  7. Times
    A little bit of a boost after track six. Some nice piano-esque sounds mixed in too. Very classic ZUN if I may say. This one might have been a nice one on it’s own with any vocals but the vocalist is nice too. She’s a little bit livelier than the last one. But I think the music itself carries this song rather than the vocalist. Really, I just like the music. But she’s an improvement and does pretty nicely when it comes to the high notes. Which help her blend her into the snong. Plus, the fast spoken-ish part. That always gets me. And, I admire her for holding her own against the awesomeness of the song. Props to you, vocalist lady.
  8. Twilight Tea Room
    I may get pummelled for saying this but from the first second I heard of this song, it screamed j-pop to me. Sad girls in snow eroge OP right here. Okay, well that out of the way… vocalist is very cutesy, moemoe, chidlish, etc. Song itself is… well I’ve already said that. Of early I’ve quality. That’s just sepping around the question though, isn’t it?
  9. Outro
    Very sweet piano track to end the album. I really love it. It’s very sweet and still sad sounding (maybe all piano tracks are just like that to me) with the sketchy effects added in. Perhaps, doesn’t fit the overall tone of the album but certainly won my heart.
  10. Leading Phantasy?
    I’m not that familiar with ALR so so I don’t know if this is an older track or something. However, bonus track? If so, very yes. From the moment I heard the upbeat nature of the song I was hooked. The first burst of vocals are great, even if the following leave something to be desired. The song is just fun in general. Another track where the music is the highlight. But the vocalist is so great too. It would be a really close tie as to which stood out more.
  11. Bad Apple!! (Instrumental)
    Well what did you expect? I don’t know if this was actually included in the album or not but whatever. I only have a little to say on the song anyways. It’s fine without the vocals up to the part where it sort of slows down at the end. Without the vocals, it looses a bit of it’s impact.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10
Recommended tracks: Leading Phantasy? (10), Times (7)

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