[c77] Alternative Ending – Everlasting Snow

Of course I wanted to listen to this and give it a review as soon as I heard Alternative Ending (aka miko) had their own album. I mean, this is the first time miko has produced her own solo thing, right? (Well, probably not entirely, you know what I mean) and since I do practically everything else miko-related.

Also, this review is half-dedicated to MrThou, where ever you are~
Album Name: Everlasting Snow
Artist/Circle: Alternative Ending
Release Date: C77

  1. Dream Fever
    Very Albatrosicks. Yeah, I’ll start the comparisons right now. How can I not? That being said, if this album is the reason there was no Albatrosicks album, it better b very freaking awesome. Well, minus the ARM signature of the Albatrosicks songs, very classic Alba-miko. Well, actually I’ve only heard a little bit of miko outside of Touhou arranges and Alba. But even I recognize this as the type of music from Denpa or whatever. Eh, well still.
  2. Hold your colour
    Am I the only one who thought a moe version of the Super Mario theme from the original Mario games at the beginning? Song itself is very winter-y and upbeat. miko is her usual cute self. After all this time, waht if there left to say about her singing? As a reviewer that sounds pretty terrible though.
  3. Lycoris Radiata
    Wow. Even from the cover I hadn’t expected that. I had expected the album to follow the pop style as the first two tracks but then this pops up? Wow. I don’t even know what to start explaining my wows about. Miko doing a genuinely creepy/serious song? Her voice actually fits it. The song itself reminds me a bit of some older Shina Ringo x ARM. Which sounds weirder now that I wrote it down. The song itself is really exciting. Still, we had STAR CRACKER so I suppose miko doing this type of song isn’t so surprising. Except it is. Because this is totally different from anything on that album.
  4. In Retrospect/ In Prospect
    Shorter piano tracker with neat double vocals. Which I guess goes along the title. The chorus was really nice. Seems a lot slower and easier-paced after track three.
  5. The other side of…
    Another slower track but it still seems so un-miko to me. I mean, I really love it. I’m actually seeing her in a new light, if you would believe. It only occured to me that such wintery songs are expected given the title of the album. durrr. Well, yeah. Wintery sounding. If you don’t know what winter sounds like, you aren’t trying hard enough to imagine. I liked the guitar picking up and making the song a little more upbeat. Her vocals remain unchanged during this progression but that’s okay because they were fine to begin with.
  6. My world coloured by yoU
    A little quicker-paced j-pop. But wow? Is this the voice I’ve always wanted from her? The one I’ve only caught glimpses of in the past? The more mature version? Don’t get me wrong, I love cute miko. But this was great too. I guess that’s right, I really do love miko. Song is really sweet though. Nothing fancy, music wise but just really sweet.
  7. Everlasting Snow
    Title track. ohmygodyes. Ahem. I was caught up during the first second. I always believe the title track should be the best song on the album and this lives up to that. Miko’s voice makes the song somehow sweet while the music fits an easy-going urgency. Love the piano and background vocals. And I really love where it slows down near the end with just the piano and background vocals. Yeah, the title really fits.

Fang’s Rating: 8½/10 (I’d have preferred a Albatrosicks album but as a miko fan this was highly satisfying even with a slow start)
Recommended tracks: Everlasting Snow (7), Lycoris Radiata (3)

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