Kowarekake no Orgol

I’ve wanted to know what this series was ever since I picked up my first Megami issue (which was, admittedly not too long ago). Furawaa is just too cute. So, I looked but never found the correct title. Until today. So I fished out the first OVA. I was thrilled. Infact, it was better than most professionally done anime I’ve seen in a long time! That’s right I said it. It can’t be unsaid. However, I really watched impulsively because the trailer always implied that on the beach… well. I can’t really ruin it for those that STILL haven’t seen it (by now it could be considered, in Comiket years, fairly old) but I cried. Why? Well I didn’t (slowpoke) quite understand the ending. But it’s pretty hard to misinterpret. Still, if you have seen the OVA and would like to please enlighten me and tell me that what I think happens to the sweet, sweet loli doesn’t happen, I’d love you forever.

Now I would like to tell everyone who reads this to go out and watch it. It’s only thirty minutes and is possibly one of the best animated doujin episode I’ve ever seen.

You can watch the trailer here.


  • Nopy

    January 24, 2010

    I downloaded Kowarekake no Orgol when it came out, but the file turned out to be a raw with no subs. Haven’t gotten the chance to find subs for it yet, but when I do I’ll see if I can figure out what happens :)
    .-= Nopy´s last blog ..Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-10 =-.

  • Nopy

    January 25, 2010

    Ok, I watched it and

    *Spoiler Alert*

    it looks like some of her gears were used for the music box. I’m assuming she’s inoperable now, but since the guy said he’d never trash her, he kept a part of her.
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  • Fang-tan

    January 26, 2010

    Yeah, that’s what happened to me too when it first came out. Which is why I didn’t watch it till now.

    Thanks, that’s what I thought happened. I feel better knowing I was at least right about the ending even if it was a little sad. :)
    .-= Fang-tan´s last blog ..Kowarekake no Orgol =-.

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