[c77] OTAKU-ELITE Recordings – はくたく☆りぼん まじキモけーね

Them again? It’s been awhile anyways. So what? Did Keine dominate C77 or something?
Album Name: はくたく☆りぼん まじキモけーね
Artist/Circle: OTAKU-ELITE Recordings
Release Date: 30/12/2009
Website: http://otakueliterecordings.net/mkk/

  1. 変身解除!キモけーね
    A remix of an older IOSYS song. The original of which is rather bland. This, however, is quite the opposite. It is made of awesome and win. I fell in love witin the first sketchy few seconds and it convinced me to give this a proper lesson. The song is really neat int hat it’s a cross between that flat original and a new upbeat rhythm so it’s quite a treat. I’m not sure if this is the original vocalist (it very well could be) or not but they fit well in. So maybe it was just the original song that wasn’t so impressive?
  2. 藤原名人の東方キャラバン・5分モード部門
    what is this i don’t even Okay. I don’t know what the hell is going on. I hear Marisa and Alice so I’m going to blindly believe that this is one of Marisa’s drug mushroom trips.
  3. HAKUTAKU Hysteric
    Good god. I’m caught in the first seconds again. Europop style that seems to be quite in right now. So is quite relevant. The vocalist is very seductive and smooth. She carries the song and steals the show magnificently. Well, the song is quite minimalist so that’s her purpose. The whole song is delicious.
  4. けーね先生がお説教をする時に流れている曲
    Another monologue. Not as interesting as the former though.
  5. 「あいつのようになりたい」
    Jazzy this time. Vocals are fairly sweet (but not so much that they ruin the mood). I was thinking it was, of course good, but not as remarkable as the previous songs. But the chorus was very nice with the emphasis on the piano.
  6. もこーのえかきうた
    More pop style. Same vocalist as the first track I believe (although there is a male vocalist backing her up). I’m really enjoying the diversity of this album. It’s being pulled off nicely.
  7. KI☆O☆KU☆NI←ございまQN!
    Weird song here. Can’t really make out who’s supposed to be who but it’s cute nonetheless. Would probably be the PV song. Humorous childish singing and a lot of spoken parts. I’d like to know what’s going on but I didn’t really get anything from the site.
  8. 月鏡のむこうまで
    The album started off amazingly (that’s right, I said it) and it finished in the same way. I knew from the build up at the start this would turn out great. I can’t tell if the vocalist is really good sounding or not. She sounded a little sharp when she was trying the higher notes but was otherwise pleasant throughout the rest of the song. I just love the emotion of this song. It’s exactly the type of feeling I look for in a song.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10
Recommended tracks: <変身解除!キモけーね (1), HAKUTAKU Hysteric (3) and 月鏡のむこうまで (3)

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