Mai Otome S.ifr 01: What the hell is going on?

Leg bombs

So lemme get this straight. Mai Otome is the playing field. Mai HiME characters are in it. Mai HiME Destiny characters are in it. And we’re to expect the Mai Hime Destiny anime now?

Sunrise, you’re always there for the lulz.

(Actually this series is about Nina and Arika’s parents. I knew it was about Rena but…)



I’m rather pissed off that nobody told me this was out sooner. Seriously, it slipped under the radar. All the while I’m sitting her being bored with actionless anime. Well, be it Otome I shall no longer have to endure.

Because Maid-Mode Rena has arrived~ so moe I want to die.

Kay so, in Mai HiME Destiny, Raquel is actually a chick named Mayo while Shion is Shion (still signigantly hot if you ask me. Kinda like a sane (?) Tomoe). I’m so confused. What the hell is the connection between these three? Is it really just that the same characters are used over and over and over?

Where will the madness end?

Sunrise made Idolmaster Xenoglossia, right? There was a freaky girl-mecha-girl love triangle there that freaked me right the hell out. In Mai Otome we had a freaky young girl-old guy-young adopted daughter three way going on. Now we have a old guy with a funny mustache and and a fourteen year old girl? I think the writers at Sunrise have some ‘issues’.

Damn, s.ifr has the ugliest robes yet. Everyone said (but I don’t think so) that Nina’s rug robe was bad but damn. DAMN. These are terrible (with the exception of Rena of course).

And another thing, why does every windbloom princess got to be so damn useless? All Sifr does is fall off things. Why is it their maid must always protect them?

Elliot Chandler is so much win I can’t even describe it. (LOL @ the rumour about Otomes) I don’t get why people think she looks like Erstin. Her connection is quite clearly to Sara. It would be intresting if I’m wrong though. I doubt it.

Rena is the marysue of Otomes. That isn’t funny. She got shot in the back of the head for pete’s sake!

In the end I wonder, WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE? am I supposed to take this seriously?

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