[c77] TatshMusicCircle – WHITE MUTATION

I still have lots of c77 albums piled up. Heck, I’m probably missing a bunch I’d enjoy too! Well, here’s this for now. Something Touhou will probably be on the way soon. Probably.
Artist/Circle: TatshMusicCircle
Release Date: 30/12/2009
Website: http://tmccd.web.fc2.com/

    When I thought of Tatsh, this was more or less what I thought of. The vocalist, 片霧烈火, is pretty good. Nothing spectacular, just good. Song wise, I actually thought of xaki and his group that do music in the Umineko series. Still, the song wasn’t very impressive.
  2. White MIRAGE
    A different style, a little less rock and a little more pop. The vocalist is in a different style as the first but she does a good job for this type of song. Plus, the parts where her voice goes higher and lighter was really sweet too. I enjoyed this a little more because it seemed less plain to me.
  3. Appears
    A shorter instrumental track. Very nice. This is where Tatsh gets to shine on his own. Very sad sounding piano (although not limited to) track. The tempo changes a little towards the end but it still sounds pretty dramatic.
    As the name might imply (well, it did for me) a techno track. Takes a little bit of time to pick up but when it does, it’s very awesome. I especially loved the part where it broke down around the two minute mark. I can see this in a sci-fi RPG and it gave me a rush of nostalgia from when I used to play PSU. Only this is better than the music from that game thankfully.
  5. Weave Detonator
    Colab here? Well, it works. A wonderfully chilling techno piece. It’s really catchy too when it gets into it. This is more what I remember hearing from Tatsh, the weird techno style mixed with something just a little more elegant. Loved when it broke down momentarily to become slower and then lead into the piano piece just a little bit later. Luckily this song is one of the longer tracks because it’s really awesome.
  6. Black MUTATION – Instrumental MIX –
    A vocal-less version of the first track.
  7. WHITE MIRAGE – Instrumental MIX –
    A vocal-less version of the second track.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10
Recommended tracks: Weave Detonator (5), White Mirage (2)

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