[c77] BubbleRecords – Ribonn

I’m not familiar with this group. In fact, I doubt I’ve ever heard of them. But this album is a compilation of theirs I guess? Obviously, their songs remixed and the like. That’s usually a good way to find out about a group if you’ve never heard of them, I suppose.
Album Name: Ribonn
Artist/Circle: BubbleRecords
Release Date: 30/12/2009
Website: http://bubblerecords.web.fc2.com/index.html

  1. Goblin Girl 2 -remastering-
    I’ve always had trouble reviewing trance/trancecore. I just can’t find things to say, really. I, obviously, haven’t heard the original version of this song so I can’t even fall back on comparisons. But I actually did enjoy this. Unlike some (read: lots) of trance/trancore arranges this doesn’t loose the whimsical Gensokyo feel. From the piano and ZUN like synth, this rings Gensokyo loud and true. Nice little piano solo adds to that effect.
  2. Vengeance of The water -rebassed-
    I’ve honestly never heard of a ‘rebassed’ arrangement but that might just show how out of touch I am with this type of music. Tell me, is it a very common kind of thing? Anyways, Nitori’s theme now. Doesn’t have the same feel as the first track. That isn’t to say they don’t try. I liked the song a lot more after all the… y’know… bassing. So I think I’d like the original of this more. Really though, getting through that intro and the song becomes a lot more entertaining.
  3. Frog Polaris -remastering-
    Well, you should be able to guess who’s theme this is. The intro kind of weirded me out with that grating. Which I refuse to believe is, like, a frog or something. A little different sounding from the previous tracks. A little more laid back and pop like. Haha, after the fast paced last two tracks perhaps it is a little too mellow.
  4. Silence Blood -remastering-
    Remilia’s theme. Always appreciated. Along the same lines as track three rather than it’s predecessors. As in very, not as much so as track three, relaxed. That some feel from the first track returns. A distinct hint of the original. I don’t know if that makes sense. Perhaps listen and see if you can understand what I’m trying to say?
  5. Ghost Rain -remastering-
    Upbeat again, sort of. Kogasa’s theme. Nothing really too spectacular. Even when the intro dies down a little. Near the middle it gets a lot more ‘silent’ and that part was a bit more enjoyable. Perhaps it is Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever that doesn’t interest me, rather than the song?
  6. Welcome to Ghost Town -rebassed-
    Haha, there’s that word again! Well, not as ear splitting as the previous rebassed track. Rather enjoyable too. The piano mixed in gives it that distinct flavour once again. Piano and trance, you really can’t go wrong with that combo can you? Managed to keep my attention longest of all the tracks, I think. Yeah there’s just something about this track I really like. Couldn’t put my finger on it if I tried though. Heh, I really don’t even like the original theme that much!
  7. Moon Rise Again -rekicking-
    Not even going to ask about this re-arrangement purpose/title. But I do understand what it means, don’t get me wrong. I’m not that stupid. Plus you’d have to be deaf if you didn’t hear it. Sort of dreamy, mellow sounding intro. I usually expect Kaguya’s theme to be… well… crazy. This is rather tame. Disappointingly so. It gets better though. It does get a bit more out of hand. Which every arrangement of Lunatic Princess should. Still, needs moar insane. The middle holds the climax of the song where Lunatic Princess is most recognized. Tis the deal breaker in deciding if it is a good arrangement of the song or not. This passes well enough I suppose.
  8. Lovely Ice Girl -remastering-
    Hmmm. Keep saying this but it is a little more different sounding. Sounds more in the vain of track three I think. It’s fairly repetitive but the intros of most of the songs have been nothing short of bleh. This probably would be the only song I couldn’t find more things I liked if I kept listening. There’s some nice diversity going on in the back but something about really just annoys me too much. And I’m deeply reminded of that image of Cirno eating candy out of Marisa’s hat. This is the shortest track on the album at five minutes.
  9. Hell for Flandle -hard gabber remix!!!-
    Exactly what it says on the tin. U.N Owen trancecore arrangements are a dime a dozen so I wasn’t really paying attention (i.e not outstanding enough). Well, giving the song the benefit of the doubt I must say I did like the pitchier parts near the late middle and the following after that.
  10. sakura sakura -long version-
    Very quiet intro. The song itself isn’t so much but it’s still toned down from some tracks. A rather nice track to go out on. Play your pumping, riling tracks as an intro and your tamed, quiet songs as an outro. Common knowledge. Around the four minute mark it picks up a bit. That was probably the highlight for me. Because something about that part sounded very, very pretty.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10 (not the type of thing I normally listen to, let alone review. Managed to suck me and make me curious about the group which is a job well done I’d say)
Recommended tracks: sakura sakura -long version-, Welcome to Ghost Town -rebassed-

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