Gosick Volume Two Releases Tomorrow!

Tomorrow a very highly anticipated second volume of Gosick is finally released. I won’t be able to purchase it right away but I plan on picking it up when I head down to the States for my birthday next, next weekend. Hopefully I’ll have enough for that, Bioshock 2 and Ponyo. Plus, y’know, I’d like to buy some girly stuff like clothes and a new purse if I have enough. No, I never put that stuff first. Well, anyways, the 2nd volume was ORIGINALLY announced for October 2008 at the end of the first volume. Representatives from Tokyopop have stated that light novels are a lot more expensive to make. That’s why a lot of light novels were dropped from their publications. Gosick, luckily, will continue. Which is good. The wait has been long but we can finally enjoy some more Victorique!

Keep your eye out for another light novel release I’m anticipating near the end of March. I’ll keep you posted. Gosh knows I won’t be able to contain my excitement!

You can order the novel over here at Right Stuf.

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