IOSYS – Touhou Ageha

It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a IOSYS album as much as this. The Hina in it probably helps though.
Album Name: Touhou Ageha
Artist/Circle: IOSYS
Release Date: 14/02/10

  1. Letty Whiterock You!
    The title of the song shouldtell you what this is a parody of. A very lulzy on at that. I couldn’t really hear Letty’s theme in this (damned if I could recognize it anywhere else anyways) but if you ignore that flaw, a pretty silly listen. (For another interesting listening experience check out We Will Rock You x Innocent Treasures (日常への入場) by Mohican Sandbag/堕悪祭怪 off the Resonance Days album. It’ll prove awesome, trust me.)
  2. Captain Murasa’s Ass Anchor
    Yes. This makes sense. Wait, no it doesn’t. This is confusing and crude and kinda funny. No, mostly just crude. Well, it’s a good thing I already viewed Murasa as straight up in insane due to Littleshrimp otherwise this would make me only think of the PV when I thought of Murasa. A very fast song that slows down for short rock segments (which show me the potential of this song if used more seriously) and… an opera like bit at the end? I guess that’s right? Well I can’t say I dislike this song, I suppose.
  3. Convictor Yamaxanadu!
    Shiki’s theme this time. There’s a PV of this too but I never watched it. Personally, this songs bores me. The song itself isn’t that appealing but the vocals are pretty cool. I actually never noticed it till now. They do fit Shiki too. The chorus picks up and is pretty good sounding. I actually think this song is a bit popular so maybe it will grow on me? And the lyrics are great. Shiki condemning various Touhou characters for fanon refrences, Umineko refrences and breaking the fourth wall? That alone could make me like this song.
  4. Tenko’s Love Domination from Below! Excla-lala☆love-me-tion!
    I think my brain melted from miko’s fast talking at the beginning there. Not as fun as Ecstasy Masochist but still kinda cute when you get past the ear exploding speaking parts. Still the speaking parts take away from the song for me. But the cutesy j-pop sound isn’t really my thing anyways.
  5. Mizuhashi Jealoussic Park
    I’ve actually heard this one from Chaos Flare. Yay! Well, ahem, another miko here. This time as Parsee and another song that lists out against the characters. So by now this song is kind of old? And didn’t I review Chaos Flare?
  6. Hinarin’s Relation of Misfortune
    HINARIN~ ahem, now that is out of my system. this > Miracle Hinacle. I never liked that song even though my Hina-senses told me to. Now this appeals to me more. And it has a cute PV! Miracle Hinacle does now too but it took a long time. Plus Hina is too damn moe here. I really can’t say anything else without coming off biased and hnngghh
  7. Captain ARM’s Ass Anchor
    Crude but catchy.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10
Recommended tracks:
Hinarin’s Relation of Misfortune (there are others…)

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  • albert_2mb

    March 23, 2010

    Seconded, this is definitely the IOSYS I miss! Still waiting for ‘star river’ in Touhou Crystallized Ocean though. I wonder when will it come out..

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