[c77] Conagusuri – 東方河童乃薬

I’m a little surprised I never got around to this. I had planned to but there were a lot of albums from c77 I’d have like to have done. Now instead of getting ready to go to sleep so I’m not falling asleep in class tomorrow, I do it. Better late -and tired- than never, right?
Album Name: 東方河童乃薬 (Touhou Kappa no Kusuri)
Artist/Circle: Conagusuri
Release Date: 30/12/09
Website: http://www.conagusuri.com/sp/cd12/

  1. カパネットにとり
    Title song and, although they may just getting recognized, what you might expect as the cash-in song on a Conagusuri album (although I really can’t judge, I’ve only just heard of them as well). That isn’t to say it isn’t fun. That’s not just because I’m a Candid Friend fan. Filled with inside jokes (sort of), Nitori tells the story of her… store? Sure, why not. I think I’m getting that correctly without digging around to find the PV. Not as fun as their previous hit but still enjoyable none the less.
  2. 冬の堰 花の湊
    I don’t know why but even though this is a little too laid-back for my tastes, I enjoy this. Mostly, this is the taste I got from UFO. From the characters, the scenery and the story, it all felt like how this song sounds. This is Nazrin’s stage theme I think. I’m still not to familiar with UFO themes. They weren’t nearly as recognizable (read: awesome) as SA’s, even after all this time.
    No matter how hard I try to stay away from Necrofantasia, Border of Death and Border of Life, they always drag me in. Song is pretty cool and what you’d expect for this song. Rock all the way. However, vocals loose points. They may be fitting for the genre but the warbling, unstable sound to her voice irked me.
  4. Dancing Star
    Marisa’s theme so I give it a resounding meh. Not because I dislike her theme, on the contrary, I love it. I’ve just heard so much better. But that isn’t a very good basis for a review, is it? Because there are tons of great versions of each song and I’d never get anywhere saying there is a better one and that’s that. Song itself is really, really great. Very suitable and what I like to hear for Master Spark. Vocals, once again, annoy me and take away from my interest in the song. Not that they are bad… just weak. Not as noticeable was track three but still enough to bother me.
  5. Let’s me say good bay
    China’s turn this time around. Vocals stand up a little better but are pushed aside by the music. Really, MiYAMO is just really great. I guess I can’t say that enough. Unfortunately, their talent seems a little wasted here. But isn’t it also the task of the arranger to have their song ready to harmonize with the vocalist no matter how strong or weak they are? That may be the flaw I see here.
  6. Untouchable Killer
    Hmmm something different here. Which is nice because I was starting to get bored. Male vocalist who arranges the song and also does the lyrics. A lot more interesting than what we’ve had going on, unfortunately. Can’t find anything else to say that makes this song stand out without pointing out what would only be the merits of the original song.
  7. あのアリスも自問自答するんです!
    Both MiYAMO and Irus join on arranging this one. With awesome results. The vocalist from track four, 時花, returns but she is out shined by the song which takes most of the attention. Which is good. Although she does better here. This seems better suited to her talents and she does sound quite cute at times.
  8. The Distorted World
    Necrofantasia again? Well they take a completely different approach. Electronica with their favourite cutesy vocalist. Which is a shame. She doesn’t fit here and this song could have been so much more with perhaps a more mature vocalist. but the song is very good and she does fit in at many parts. I may not be a fan of this song all that much but the more I listen to this track it seems to grow on me. Of the two arrangements of this song, I’d probably prefer this one even if I didn’t like it at first.
  9. 緋の道を辿って
    Hmmm… I’ve never been a fan of SWR original tracks and this is no exception. Nicely arranged and the vocals are perhaps the best we’ve seen, sans the intentional first track, on this album so far. Without any dislike towards the original, that’s all I can say.
  10. 「神」それは儚き人のために
    Finishing off with another male vocalist (okay I lol’d a little) and Sanae’s theme. Never really stuck to me, that one. Song itself is very nice but the vocals, immaturely, make me giggle so I fail right there and have no right to say anything.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10
Recommended tracks: The Distorted World (8), カパネットにとり (1)

Let’s me say good bay


  • Ningyo

    May 3, 2010

    #5 totally won me over. I like the vocalist, and that’s some great composition; nothing world changing, but very exciting as a hype song. Sure woke me up. And of course, I’m biased for anything Meiling. I’ll check the whole thing out now.

  • Fang-tan

    May 4, 2010

    The vocalist was pretty good but she didn’t really stand out to me. But I agree that the song was done great. MiYAMO is pretty good in general though.

    Also, trivial, but your comment was the 800th. Which was surprising!

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