Fang-tan is not a furry freak

Or am I? Seriously. I’m begining to wonder (AKA, you should know that Fang-tan doesn’t blog anything)

So I really need to get caught up on Spice and Wolf. But I was looking over at Memento for the trailers to two series I’m sorta interested in when it hit me. If I continue to watch these sort of things, people will think that I am a furry freak! OHNOES.

So if you haven’t guessed, I’m planning on watching Kanokon and Wagaya no Oinarisama. More Oinarisama than Kanokon but whatever. But I’m also currently watching (or rather behind in) Spice and Wolf and Underwater Ray Ramano Utawarerumono.

The question then is: Is Fang-tan a furry freak? Or is it all just a coincidence that wolf/fox girls are moe and there are to many yaoi series this spring? Who knows.

Who knows.

(P.S, please be a girl)

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  • totali

    April 9, 2008

    Tail feel so good!

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