Soul Eater and XXXHOLiC Kei


Didn’t see THAT coming. SHINIGAMI CHOP.

Curse you Totali! Your Yuko made me want to watch XXXHOLiC again. XXXHOLiC was the first manga I ever bought, y’know? It was stolen from me and I have the original fifth volume though. Haha, Maru and Moro are still my favorite. I can see why fangirls have such strong beliefs in Doumeki x Watanuki. I hadn’t noticed it before this though. I nearly died when I saw Yuko and her Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book ever (I’m rereading the abridged version now that has Through the looking glass, my school didn’t have any other version so I don’t mind reading it again to get to more Alice Stories). Was Mokona the Dormouse I wonder? Watanuki as Alice made me lol too.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate shounen. Well, I don’t hate it. I just think it’s overrated. But soul-eater looked kinda cool. Truthfully, I just thought Maka looked cool. But man, when the opening started, I nearly fell off my chair. This show looks badass. Seriously, hardcore stylish. That is something to draw me in, I won’t lie about that. The scenary in this series looks like it’s from a comic book. Awesome. Emo facial distortions. Awesome. Patty and Liz and their turning into guns. Awesome. Hehe, Maka’s dad is so awesome. He reminda me of Nagisa’s dad from Clannad. Let it be known from here forth: in any anime, an overprotective father of his daughter (if comical and not Reiji style from Kodomo) shall be win.

I might hold on to Holic for awhile but I’ll drop it. I can never keep my attention. But Soul Eater? Hmmm…even though it is fifty episodes long. I think I’ll watch as long as I can. Something that epic must be held onto.

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  • Totali

    April 13, 2008

    Ahaha! I was actually introduced to xxxHolic through the anime. I only own a few of the manga, and I just recently bought volume 10 and 11.

    Soul Eater was a lot of fun. I just hope it doesn’t go the generic shounen route really quickly. Shinigami CHOP!

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