Kidd can have my soul anyday!

Words aren’t even needed

<3 *insert fangirlgasm here* Normally, a guy character is not one that would keep me interested in a series but Soul Eater might be an exception…

I absolutly love Death the Kid. He reminds me of Ren from Shaman King and and Ren was the first character to capture my heart in an anime (y’know? When you adore a character so much it’s unhealthy? Everyone has one character they’re like that with, you can’t even lie about it!). But he’s totally awesome. Obbsessive Compulsive disorder, FTW. Despair, FTW. Adorable twins, FTW. Kidd is so awesome that I think I’ll continue watching Soul Eater for his (and quite possibly Maka’s) sake!

I love Patty’s voice. It’s like Nene’s from Potemayo. But toned down. Opposite of…like Hime from Ayakashi (which was made of epic fail if only for her voice…and the terrible acting of everyone else and the terrible animation…). Liz is awesome too. I like them much better than I like Tsubaki but not as much as I like Maka. But Maka and Kidd are the ultimate combo of awesome. So…yeah, Soul is the only one who has a chance of being more awesome than them (Chrona too, if only because we feel bad for her).

And the BGM? I love how lots of the background songs have vocals in them. I love that. That’s what I loved about the Zombie-Loan OST and the Spice and Wolf OST (which are favorites along side the Utawarerumono, Rozen Maiden and Death Note (show = icky, music = great) OSTS).
I’m looking forward to getting the OST of this series, ASAP!

I’m 85% sure that Liz swings in the yuri direction, so that is also relevant to my interests. Also because it seems she and Blair could have some awesome shenanigans like that. Now that would be fanservice.

You know what else is really great? They’ve managed to introduce the main characters in three episodes. THREE. It took like Bleach (not that I watched it) 50 episodes to get their main characters established. I mean we’re still missing Dr.Stein, Chrona and a few others but our heroes have been defined!

I still don’t understand why people are calling Maka’s voice earbleeding. I think it’s endearing. Would you have rather had Rie Kugimiya take her place? Ha! Let’s let someone who isn’t as well known have their place in the spotlight, okay? I think she sounds fine. She needs to work on her emotion but I think, through fifty episodes (god willing I make it), she’ll get better.

Besides Kidd and the twins, my favorite part was when Black Star and Soul were running back and forth. It seemed so…unbecoming of Soul. It seems the opposite of who he is, but it is who he is! He’s looks and his sound is just deceptive I guess!

All in all, I’m still in love with Soul Eater. There isn’t a thing I don’t like about it (besides the fact that it’s 51 episodes). The art is great (sometimes I forget I’m watching the series and not looking at vectors of it!), the characters are great (even now I’m contemplating who I should kick out of my favorites on MAL to put Liz in), the music is great (how much longer? how much longer? how much longer?) and I’m having a great time watching it. Isn’t that what truly matters in the end?

(Doesn’t look like Kidd will be in the next episode. :/ Dang.)


  • blissmo

    April 27, 2008

    I just love Death the Kid too! And I’m saddened by the fact that he might not appear in the next episode too.

  • Fang-tan

    April 27, 2008

    Yeah, he might be there and we didn’t see him. But if he isn’t in the next episode then the episode after that will probably have lots of him! :D


    May 5, 2008

    Visit my Soul Eater Fan site. ^^

  • Cassandra

    December 9, 2008

    That’s exactly who Death the Kid reminded me of.
    I saw him and I was like “Ren”
    I love Liz and patty, too!
    They are just so darling!!

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