New Tagging System!

I’m very thrilled to finally reveal this little improvement! About a year back I started tagging everything rather than using categories, I thought this could make things a little more flexible when it came to organizing them. But soon the Tag Cloud got messy. So my idea was always to have the tags separated so that there could be a broader use of them and still be easy to use. Now they are! It took me a month (plus breaking the site a little!) to retag everything but you can now see the three different tag clouds on the side.

They are organized by general (context specific tags), series (tags of series that appear often on this blog) and circles/artists. I hope to add more C/A tags based on more groups/artists that pop up here lots. Some don’t appear often anymore, such as Love Solfege, but I’m keeping them because I think it would help make the site more accessible this way.

As usual, please bring it to my attention if errors pop up. I think everything should run OK. Hopefully this helps!

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