[Reitaisai7] Hatsunetsumiko’s – A Story

Writing this late at night on the day before I’m supposed to wake up early to go camping because every day this week I told myself I would review something.

I didn’t.
Album Name: A Story
Artist/Circle: Hatsunetsumiko’s
Release Date: 14/03/10
Website: http://hatsunetsumikos.net/astr/

  1. Dawn Fades
    Short, instrumental intro. Very plain so there isn’t anything to say about it, really. Anything. At all.
  2. I Wish
    Pop rendition of Heian Alien (I believe?), making this the sort of main track. Pretty well done. If you’ll recall Hatsunetsumiko’s did the music for one of the recent Touhou anime series and their stuff was pretty high quality so that was what lead me to this. Well I believe the song is nicely produced, it doesn’t nessacarily stand out for me, however. The vocalist, 舞花, is great, of course.
  3. Starscraper
    This time Cosmic Mind. This does have a slight cosmic-y, sci-fi feel to it. So I applaud that, at least. I’ve never heard of SAKURA_Bot before but he’s pretty good. The vocals aren’t prominent here so the song does get a slightly repetitive feel to it though.
  4. Les Feuilles Mortes
    PMEB. Liking this a lot more. Never been a fan of Romantic Fall though. The song is too darn annoying for me. That doesn’t change here. Probably, if there was one song I hated in all of the Touhoudom, it would be this (followed by Necrofantasia). I did enjoy the short guitar solo though.
  5. 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 〜帰り路〜
    Instrumental this time of ‘Tomorrow will be Special; Yesterday was not’ a song I am not particularly used to. That, or I cannot remember any notable arrangements for this. However, based solely on the title of the song, this song fits that perfectly. A sort of simple understanding of what is and great, glorious plans for what might be. That is reflected in this arrangement with the slow, subtle beginning and big grand middle.
  6. Now & Forever (M.Z.C The Rain and Shadows Electro Remix)
    I’m not familiar with Hatsunetsumiko so I assume this is a remix of one of their previous songs? Which is cool, I love remixes of existing arrangements. Fairly simple dance remix. Both Yuka songs? One from Phantasmagoria and LLS? Also cool. I love clashing songs. People should do it more often.
  7. A Native Face (blazin’ house mix extended)
    Same vocalist, Chen-U, as the previous remix. One thing that must be considered when remixing an existing arrangement is to try and keep the song, the arrangement, sounding like the original song it was supposed to be an arrangement of. Confusing? Maybe. I mostly found this song annoying but perhaps that’s just my personal taste. The original doesn’t sound like it would be my cup of tea either though…
  8. Now & Forever (M.Z.C The Rain and Shadows Electro Remix)
    An extended version of the Now & Forever remix. The first remix was 6 minutes, this one is 8.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (Cute pop and dance tracks that will be enjoyable for someone looking for something of a lighter fare)
Recommended tracks: 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 〜帰り路〜 (5)

Now & Forever (M.Z.C The Rain and Shadows Electro Remix)

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