OTP Pixiv Tag List

I am such a whore for couples in anime series. Mostly between main characters but sometimes not. Which means whenever I find the tag for a couple I like on pixiv, I get really excited. Usually I just tweet the tag and favourite it but even then it still gets lost. So I have compiled this list for future reference and updates of couples I like and their tags. Usually, a OTP of the Moment is what takes my attention so expect those here.

http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=圭レナ – Rena x Keiichi
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=ギルエリ – Hungary x Prussia
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=上イン – Index x Touma
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=通行止め – Last Order x Accelerator
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=フェイリム – Lymle x Faize
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=ユリエス – Estelle x Yuri
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=ライ主♀ – Kotone x Silver
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=初代ライ主♀ – Leaf x Green
http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=黒幕組 – Namie x Izaya


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