Penguin Musume Heart


Ch-ch-chupacabra?! No way! IMPOSSIBLE!

I’m not big on overly ecchi series (coming from someone who watched He is My Master as one of their first anime series and adored Koharu Biyori) but this looked cute. AND there was a charcter called (well not exactly) Chupacabra! That is like an inside joke with my family but it means alot to me and I think I shall love her. LOVE HER EVER SO MUCH.

Kujira and Sakura

I didn’t much like Sakura’s voice and it was driving me crazy until I realized that she’s voiced by the same person who voice Kotono from Saint October. Suddenly it was a~w~e~s~o~m~e.

I wish someone from the student council at my school would create a plan to make all female maid uniforms. That would be totally rad (old school lingo is needed in such an awesome case). Hell, I’m willing to join and use Sakura-style tactics!

There were a surprising lack of actual references to other series besides the Pretty Cure one I spotted. I’ll go back and watch the scene in her bedroom to see if there are any more. But I’m hoping with a super Otaku like Sakura that we’ll see more real references.

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