Exit Trance presents UmaUma Dekiru Trance wo Tsukutte Mita 8

I normally don’t do these types of Exit Trance reviews but someone brought this to my attention and I was wowed by the tracklist. Like, literally wowed. I’m still in awe and disbelief.
Album Name: Exit Trance presents UmaUma Dekiru Trance wo Tsukutte Mita 8
Artist/Circle: EXIT TRANCE
Release Date: 02/06/10
Website: http://exittunes.com/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00163.html

  1. 右肩の蝶 (Ryu* REMIX)
    I surprisingly love the original of this. I’m not a big Kagamine fan even though they do have some amazing songs with them. But I love this remix even more. I didn’t think that was possible. The song is given a new fast-paced feel and it’s way more exciting than the original, in my opinion. I’m having trouble thinking of anything else to say without going back and comparing them.
  2. そのままの君でいて
    Wow, this sort of takes me back to the older Exit Trance Anime releases. They sounded usually something like this. But since I don’t even know what the original of this is I, once again, cannot make a good comparison. But if I may say so, MAKI sounds exceptionally good this time around.
  3. again
    Another one I’m unfamiliar with! But I really like it… it’s from the new FMA series? Well I’m going to check the song out as soon as I’m done writing this review. Because it flows really nice. This song is a great reminder of why she is my favourite Exit Trance vocalist. Really, having trouble saying anything. The song itself is kinda plain but not bad. Just not remarkable. When I hear the original I might think more of it though.
  4. Passionate Squall
    Oh yeah, one I know. One I know well. I don’t watch SnQ, way too ecchi for my tastes, but I love the music from it. I did eventually overplay it though. Anyways MAKI isn’t that impressive this time around (you fell in only one track?) mostly she sounds a little too generic compared to the original and her voice is played as a little bit soft against to the music. Plus she does that weird warbling thing in the chorus which was something I always disliked about her. All in all, she sounds too soft for my liking.
  5. Storm
    It would be a safe guess to assume this was in some way JAM Project related? Song wise a very nice and catchy beat. Vocals are a little outdated for my tastes but, like track four, a little soft sounding. Ehh maybe it’s just me.
  6. キッチンはマイステージ
    R. Cena, we’ve never seen eye to eye have we? I guess she does a little better here than usual but she’ll always sound bland to me. Bleh. Don’t know what this is from but it’s short.
  7. SW
    You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I said I didn’t have a clue, would you? The song itself is really great. The vocalist, Mayumi Morinaga, is someone I don’t recognize and a little unexpected. She’s pretty good but I don’t quite think she fits this remix.
  8. 恋愛サーキュレーション
    This was on Best 9, the latest of the Anime Trance series so I don’t really have anything to say about it. Love CAMRY as always though and since then this song has grown on me quite a bit.
  9. イノセント・ブルー
    Latte. My least favourite Exit Trance vocalist who does surprisingly well sometimes. This would be one of those times. Maybe because she’s not mangling a song I like? Well, in some parts she doesn’t stand up well to the music but in others she’s pretty good. Why do I get the feeling this song has already been done too? Huh, whatever. The music is pretty good too in some parts.
  10. Storywriter
    Hmmm. This sounds familiar. I may be thinking of something else though. Cause, as usual, not a clue. Vocalist, Cobalt, is OKAY but meh they mess around a lot so I don’t have a good impression. Song itself is pretty experimental for Hommarju and sounds cool at times.
  11. ユニバーサル・バニー
    Latte again? Bleh. I believe this is Universal Bunny. In that case, I guess she does okay. There isn’t much going on with the music so she’s at least audible. I’m not a big fan of the original even though I like May’n. In some parts their voice sound really alike though. Tell me I’m not the only one who heard it.
  12. Trust Me
    50% of the reason I wanted to hear this. Not sure if Takanori has done any of the Best albums but I doubt it. His voice is… a little girly? Maybe I’m just being critical but the arrangement of the song reminds me of one of those random original, vocalless tracks in DDR. Which, isn’t really a compliment. I like the song but the vocalist bothers me a little. He does okay, sure. But I just don’t think he’s great.
  13. できるかなって☆☆☆
    Hidamari time? Just sounds like they wanted to do another Best album already. But CAMRY, MAKI and Ma15 make a nice combo, as usual. Song is fun and compliments the vocalists nicely instead of stealing the show which is a big thing I hate. Very cute.
  14. Perfect-Area Complete
    Don’t recognize the vocalist but I think I like her. Something about her voice is unusual and it appeals to me. This is from Baka Test, right? Track list reads like a Best album, seriously.
  15. Errand
    Another song I know! I don’t watch SnQ! Ugh, I like the original but Faylan’s voice grates on me. I can never listen to a song of hers for more than a couple times. Which is unfortunate. She’s a fine vocalist but I just can’t stand her. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I prefer this version with… ugh… Latte… as the vocalist. Feels bad, man. Well, the song itself is pretty nicely done too. It’s not like the original was perfect. It was a little annoying too. Hopefully they’ll do Baptize…
  16. Alright!ハートキャッチプリキュア!
    Pretty Cure? Haven’t listened to any of this music in a long time. CAMRY here, I believe? Bringing out the loli voice again? I was a little sceptical though. The song is very sweet though so I guess it all works out in the end.
  17. どっきゅん☆ハート
    T-THE OTHER 50%!! Dokkyun Heart? OH YESS~ But Marina Inoue is right up there in my top most loved seiyuu/singers so I was critical of MAKI from the start. Why did the two songs I was most excited about have to suck so much? Oh, is it cause I was so excited about them? Really, I just don’t think she does a good job. Although compared to other Umineko songs done by Exit Trance this is a freaking masterpiece.
  18. BEAM my BEAM
    I don’t normally listen to these releases. Do they usually feature so many songs that one would assume normally went on the Best albums? OR I guess these are the ones that don’t meet their standards? Which would make the other ones that do… best! SENSE. Another combination of MAKI and CAMRY this time with one Mi-Mi who I believe appeared on the last Best album?
  19. 君がいるから
    Used to listen to the original of this one quite a bit but I got over it. First off, although I haven’t listened to it in awhile, I think I prefer these vocals more. The vocalist is someone I don’t quite recognize, Erena. Song itself is basic and the vocals steal the show. Which is how a good song should go.
  20. 日本文化センター
    Don’t really recognize Shima Shima P but MK appeared on this album and some of the Best I think. Just a short VS.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10
Recommended tracks: Errand (15), again (3)


  • exia

    June 17, 2010

    heh this wasnt a bad album at all. Im happy for the anime songs they included in this one :)

  • Fang-tan

    June 20, 2010

    Yeah, it makes me think I should start checking the UmaUma releases out again!

  • denpanosekai

    July 4, 2010

    Great album, you can tell a couple of these tracks will be on the next DENPA TRANCE album.

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  • Scarleeto

    March 19, 2011

    The Exit Trance mascots for the Uma Uma Dekiru series have names as well. I’ve seen their names. But their in japanese. This one… the only characters I could translate was “to” and “ma”

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