Lolita Neurosis – forenoon for sleep/wonderland

A Lolita Neurosis album? It’s certainly been awhile hasn’t it? In fact, the last album I gave a listen was The Room Where I Keep Dying. This is one of those cases where random curiosity pays off.
Album Name: forenoon for sleep/wonderland
Artist/Circle: Lolita Neurosis
Release Date: 05/05/10

  1. melodia with all my love (piano)
    It’s always nice to hear something more authentic sounding than the usual pop mix and that is what I enjoyed about these types of releases. This sets a distinct atmosphere for the album too. Beautiful piano while gloomy and eerie? That sounds exactly right.
  2. ancient melodia
    A slightly more upbeat track (meaning less gloomy, of course) featuring vocals this time around. The vocalist is りみゆ which translates into something like Rimiyu, I believe. Her voice is really perfect. It’s soft and fine, a perfect match to the piano which is really the main course. Her voice is just a nice side dish to compliment the meal. (you know I’m hungry when I start making food analogies about classical styled albums)
  3. ガーデン (demo)
    Demo? For an upcoming single of sorts or another album or an already existing song, demo for what? Well, since I don’t know, continue on. Mostly Rimiyu whispering with a few vocal lines thrown in. The paino after the whispering and to the end is very dai-ish (a word I used in the last Lolita Neurosis review). But un a related fun note, pre-holder (one of the best Umineko game composers, imo) was involved with the mixing and technical stuff of this album. Awesome.
  4. きっと行くから
    Piano only track. It sounded like track two to me but apparently it is not. It is also fairly short at two minutes long. I would assume the piano tracks would be longer than the vocal ones but no.
    Something about this song was incredibly familiar. I’m hostile to say a cross between Higurashi and the title theme from FFX2 that I don’t know the name of because I’m not that big of a FF fan. But that was what it sounded like in my head.
  5. guimauve
    I was curious what the heck ‘guimauve’ meant so I looked it up and after getting some nonsensical results, it apparently means marshmallow in French. But don’t cite me on that cause I may be wrong. Well, in this case it would make sense. This song is sugary, sweet and just generally airy. I guess I prefer Rimiyu’s voice in a more solemn setting because this puts a lot more stress on her singing ability which is very soft sounding and doesn’t fit this type of song very much. Still, the song itself makes up for that.
  6. es
    A more dramatic song that also seems strange to her singing range. Someone who’s a little more expressive might pull it off better but the part with the backup singing was redeeming. I really did enjoy her singing a line and then having another sung as if it were a different person. The song itself is a lot more enjoyable than track five but that might be because I see more substance in this than in that track due to my own personal taste. The end of the song is really great with her la-la-la-ing to a dramatic stop.
  7. アルカディア
    Thought this was a piano only track at first. Almost wish it was. Rimiyu is a little tiring and the intro was so sad sounding. I don’t want to bring out the d comparison again but the chorus sounded a little bit like something he’d compose. Well, I really like this one. Perhaps because it sounds like that guy’s work? Well maybe not entirely. But the song starts off sounding quite sad and slow at first before picking up a little hopeful sound near the end. I wonder if that made sense but it was a very nice conveyance of emotion.
  8. ワンダーランド
    Okay well hell I expected a piano only track to round us out. The long intro is really amazing. It was just so exciting and great sounding. Rimiyu brings her A-game and actually sounds very impressive. It may just be that I love self back up singing. She actually only has a small part. Kinda being a side-dish again. Which is okay because the piano in this song is amazing enough to make everything work together nicely. Although I was at first disappointed by the lack of a piano only track to finish us up (and usually I prefer vocal tracks), this turned out to be a fantastic finale.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10
Recommended tracks: melodia with all my love (piano) (1), ワンダーランド (8)

melodia with all my love (piano)

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