Requiem of the Golden Witch OP Download

Well, as some of you may have seen (although it is quite late so maybe not), I flipped right the hell out. Like, I freaked. I don’t know why but I had forgotten about EP7 (although witch Hunt is almost done EP6, if they release it before August I’ll swear they’re working with Bernkastel) and so when I casually slipped by the Rokkenjima comm on LJ (if searching /jp/ is too spoilery and less-answery, head over there) I was shocked to find out about this! The new characters have made my head hurt severely. I’m hoping for Meta!Jessica and Meta!Kanon but who knows. I’m still hoping for Kyrie as the culprit, if that adds anything. Well, if anything enjoy the new OP.

Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae – The Pithos in the Fog (game size ver.) Download

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