Can it be Chrona time yet?


No, I don’t think it will be for awhile.

Yes, I watched a show about a cosplaying girl named Penguin before this. Am I ashamed? A little. I won’t lie.

What does he consider cool then?

I’m kinda glad that the opening scene of the university is gone (even if Shinigami-sama made me pumped). But luckily Maka filled the void with MAKA-CHOP. Haha.

An interesting position!

And OMG (that was a fangirl ohemgee, see?) when Soul saved Maka I was filled with my canon worshipping feelings. I’m looking forward to some more pseudo-canon moments in the next episode.


Turns out Kidd was there. <3 To bad he had such a small role. I won’t complain though. It was good to see him there at all. But it still seems he won’t be fighting with our heroes for awhile. Atleast not intially.

So it starts!

I still can’t believe I’m enjoying Soul Eater so much. It’s so unlike me! Haha, whatever. Does anyone else think this is 4kids bait? I mean especially because they cut lots of the fanservice out? It seems perfect for them. Except is 4kids even dubbing anime anymore? I mean they got Pretty Cure but did they ever do anything with it? There have been lots of shows that 4kids could have grabbed before this so I think we should be safe. Hopefully.

The first arc will focus on awesome dad but hopefully he isn’t to angsty

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