[Reitaisai7] CYTOKINE – The TOWER

I’ve recently fell in love with a certain Vocaloid song done by Cytokine which is why I decided to give this album a listen. High quality stuff, very, very high quality stuff.
Album Name: The TOWER
Artist/Circle: CYTOKINE
Release Date: 14/03/10
Website: http://cytokine-web.com/sound/TheTOWER/theTOWERpage.htm

  1. Creeping Indication
    This song has become a lot more popular to arrange lately, hasn’t it? Well, we all know why that is but whatever. There’s something about this song I just love. It feels so… classic rock. Yeah, that’s exactly what vibes I was getting. Of course, breaks down for a small slow segment but otherwise eighties rock vibes. Also, I loved the na-na-na at the end. But I always do.
  2. Shattered Emotion
    Ah, Nana Takahashi. your voice is good but has a tendency to sound generic. The song is good at first but quickly gets repetitive and boring. In other news, UFO music hasn’t caught on for me yet. It’s not nearly as memorable as SA was. Circles, please go back to doing SA albums again.
  3. the otherside of Destiny -White Lotus
    Sounding a little better. Aki seems to play on my nerves a bit too. Is it all of the Sound Holic, crew? I dunno I rarely get tired of A~YA. Song itself is pretty boss, and is the second of four Cosmic Mind arranges (interestingly enough, each Cosmic Mind arrangement is sung by a different vocalist. I must say Aki does pull off some long notes very nicely. Still, her voice doesn’t seem fitted to this exactly.
  4. nUCLEAR FUSION (OTAKU-ELITE friendship-in-hell mix)
    Oh my god, yes. If this weren’t a remix it would probably be as plain as the rest of the album (that isn’t to say the album is bad) but oh man is this good. The vocals were constantly reminding me of Origa and that is such a good thing.
  5. next step flows
    Hmmm. I expected this to be less pleasing but something about it… just catches me ear! The cute trumpet in the back along with the mmmmm beat is just so pleasing. As usual, I don’t think Aki would be best suited for this song but she does her long notes well and is pretty enjoyable. She certainly doesn’t make the song any less sweet by being there. So I’m just being selfish. The song is good and she is good but it could be better? That IS too much to ask for, self.
  6. Word & Tears
    Third Cosmic Mind. The vocalist is SYO this time around. I can’t place anything I’ve heard by her that was really memorable but the name does stick out. And once she actually starts singing, it is bliss. The song itself conflicts me because it sounds like it’s trying to do two different sounding things. The result is quite nice but I still think it’s SYO’s voice that I really enjoy.
  7. LIGHTS in the BABEL
    A~YA at last. Strange, not hearing on something distinctly jazzy and instead pop. Course, if it’s not jazz, it’s English. I always thought it was pronounced ‘BAB-L’ not ‘BABE-EL’ but who knows. I would honestly not be surprised if I were saying it wrong.
  8. a. shi. ta
    Tomorrow will be Special; Yesterday was not to round us out. Meh. A little plain, imo. But if you’re into sweet I’ve-styled pop (I need to find a better comparison) then you’ll enjoy this.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10
Recommended tracks: nUCLEAR FUSION (OTAKU-ELITE friendship-in-hell mix)

the otherside of Destiny -White Lotus


  • Kaionlriu

    July 21, 2010

    CYTOKINE <3 隣人 <3

    I first got into Touhou because of 12.3 using Reiuji Utsuho and upon liking her I went to search for her theme song ;
    that was when I came upon CYTOKINE's version of NUCLEAR FUSION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpqwpPlZVS8

    I have been addicted to Touhou ever since +__+

  • Kaionlriu

    July 21, 2010

    ; ____ ;
    you or your blog must really hate me

  • Fang-tan

    July 22, 2010

    ;^; just when I thought I had fixed it too~

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