Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 10

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This review: now with 50% more Erika hijack
Album Name: Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 10
Artist/Circle: EXIT TRANCE (Quake Records)
Release Date: 08/04/10
Website: http://exittunes.com/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00171.html

  1. ヴィーナスとジーザス
    Ahahaomg. I almost fell over when I heard this. I’m not a big fan of Arakawa Under the Bridge (I think I judged it too quickly and I will pick it up during a slow season) but I love this OP and especially the Miyuki Sawashiro one (I’m such a Sawashiro lover though~). To make things even more awesome, this one is done by CAMRY! The song in this one is really good too. The original has breathy vocals and a bubbly song to go with it, which matches each other fine. While CAMRY doesn’t pull off that ‘breathiness’  she does end up reminding me of Nino. CAMRY bias aside, I think I could even like this one more than the original if I listened to it a little more!
  2. Princess Primp!
    Princess Primp is a fairly generic song (from a fairly generic anime? I wouldn’t know) so there is only so much you can do with something like that. The song is fairly repetitive and isn’t too special. KANA was probably best suited to this song anyways.
  3. Stargazer
    I suppose I don’t mind the original of this. It’s not as bad as I expected. But like I said, you have to make do with the how good or bad the original is. In this case, they do better. The song is pretty nice. The vocals aren’t as ‘manly’ as the original but fit nicely. I didn’t even recognize the vocalist, actually. However, when I did place her, Yumemi, I couldn’t think of what she had done. It’s, like, on the tip of my tongue though.
  4. Girls, be Ambitious
    Woah. It’s like someone slowed the original down a notch and it’s TRIPPING me out. CAUSE IT’S ALL IN SLOW MOTION AND STUFF. Gahh. Anyways, yeah. Tempo is booted down a bit. The vocals are very nice though (Maki). I don’t recognize the producer but there’s usually a new producer each album so I don’t really fret over that. The song itself isn’t anything special but it’s not that bad. Mostly, the vocals are just nice. And, if I may say so, a little nicer than the original which annoyed the hell out of me, I think.
  5. 優しい忘却
    From the Haruhi movie, right? I didn’t watch it. I’m not a big Yuki fan so I sort of backed off. Now my impression from this remix alone is that the song is slower throughout. Where as they tried to speed it up in this version? In that case, it doesn’t work. If the original song is slow through out, it’s probably very nice. Anyways, the vocals are pretty damn nice in this one. It’s Latte, so I still bite my tongue saying that!
  6. 冥夜花伝廊
    Katanagatari? I haven’t watched it yet but I’ve heard this song at least. Although it got annoying very, very quickly for me. That being said, while the intro and non-chorus parts of this song may not be annoying as hell, the chorus looses the punch and catchy-ness the original held. Latte is vocals again. She isn’t as good as the previous track though. Well obviously not because the previous track’s vocals were amazing. (my face when I have to admit Latte was amazing)
  7. la divina tragedia ~魔曲~
    Remember when the Exit Trance ver of the Umineko OP was laughably terrible? Remember when the Exit Trance ver of the Umineko ED was laughably… good? Well I can’t understand WHY for THE LIFE OF ME they decided to try and go all trancecore on these two songs. I just don’t understand. It made the first terrible. This one? Well the vocals are a little lulzy (can you get more lulzy than OH DESIRE?) but they don’t fit the song like Jimang’s did. The background chanting was cool too.
  8. できるかなって☆☆☆
    I’m not gonna lie, I stopped paying attention to Hidamari songs after the first OP. Even when I already heard this song I couldn’t say much about it other then ‘lol u guys cute’.
  9. 裏切りの夕焼け
    At first I was like, where have I heard this before. But then I did this. I was pretty damn excited for this too. They did good on Trust Me. But… but this… why would you do this? I can’t even point what I dislike about it, just that I do. The lack of spirit the original had that made it awesome? The 90s vibe? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.
  10. ゴールデンタイムラバー
    FMA song. The only one I ever cared about was Again (which was thanks to the Exit Trance remix at that). While, I’m inclined to be less interested in songs I don’t know beforehand, this one is pretty catchy. Repetitive, but catchy.
  11. Rumbling Hearts
    Rumbling Hearts… as in that Rumbling Hearts? Ohh~ maybe they’ll do Nemuri Hime one day~ Kana returns as vocalist and sounds wonderful. The song itself is pretty bleh but the vocals stand out so much that it’s okay to overlook that. Actually, after each chorus it does sound pretty awesome. Okay, so the song sounds awesome at times but not so much when she’s singing. But they’re both great.
  12. rise
    Inner Universe was done awhile back (Exit Trance 8). I love that song (I just love Origa?) so I was excited. This one too, I love this one too. R. Cena seems to ‘garble’ her words a little bit so it becomes hard to understand and her voice doesn’t quite stand up against the music but it isn’t terrible. Her english is better than I expected but not by much. Song itself is also well done.
  13. はじまりの日
    Another that I knew but couldn’t place. Which is weird because I don’t even like Letter Bee. Well there have certainly been a lot more guy vocalists on this album than before, right? I’m not the only one thinking so? That is me making small talk because I have nothing to say about this song.
  14. ハートキャッチ☆パラダイス!
    They don’t make Precure songs like they used to, do they? This sort of reminded me I wanted to start this but eh I doubt I ever will. Well, whatever. More overly cutesy vocals, this time featuring MAKI.
    I think I just get bored of the cutesy songs, which is why I never have anything to say. Well, MAKI and CAMRY this time around so even if I have nothing to say, I have something nice to listen to while I say nothing. When the song broke down and got slower, it was pretty nice sounding too.
  16. Choose Bright!!
    lol puns. Seriously, more guy songs and moe-moe-cutesy crap than ever before. Eh, that’s just my taste. I’m sure there are lots of people who enjoy songs like this. They just aren’t me. Which makes me an even more terrible reviewer but whatever.
  17. 初恋パラシュート
    Akane-iro? Recent but seems far back already. Seriously though, does every h-game/harem have the same OP or am I just getting hungry and cranky? Probably the latter but whatever. MAKI is a really top tier Exit Trance vocalist, isn’t she? She’s very consistent that’s for sure. Song itself sounds less like a remix and more like what could pass as an actual OP to one of these shows. Scary.
  18. Paradise Lost
    Remember when I said Paradise Lost was going to be on Exit Trance 6? Obviously I was wrong but here it finally it is! See, I told you! I was just off by a couple of releases. It seems pretty cheap. Like “we need some filler so here” and popped this out. The vocals, Latte, are pretty good (hiss) but the song seems very, very lazy and that took away enjoyment for me.
  19. SW
    Bonus track? Listen, Exit Trance don’t you have enough release-series that you could put original stuff there? Well unless this isn’t original? Well whatever the vocalist is one Mayumi Morinaga. Starving Trancer pulls out his A-Game so that, along with the pleasant sounding vocalist, create something really wonderful. But see, this is the stuff I prefer over tracj 17, 16, 15, etc. So. Yeah.
  20. 恋ゴコロ
    Huh? Okie dokie. WHY WOULDN’T THIS GO ON UMAUMA OR SOMETHING? /startstoeatdesk Well, anywho. I’m sure I’m not the only one not familiar with the original of this. Give this a lookie if you’re curious. I actually really like this one. It’s catchy, just the right amount of cute and… huh? What else? I don’t know. It’s cute but it’s also enticing. That would be the best way to describe it.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10 (There were a lot of tracks I was disappointed with but there are more songs with a higher repeat value than usual)
Recommended tracks: 1, 19, 20



    August 8, 2010

    Morinaga Mayumi was also the singer for track 20 of BEST 7, “ZUTTO MITSUMETE ITE”.

    But yeah, this one was kind of… underwhelming. Didn’t help that the cover is really, sort of… not very interesting or cute at all.

  • Kaionlriu

    August 9, 2010

    oh sweet the cover is by Suzy-sensei !
    en en ok I shall go find this album nao

  • Fang-tan

    August 9, 2010

    Haha, I thought the cover was a lot more ‘tame’ than usual too.

    I don’t think it was bad exactly. Just, like you said, underwhelming. Although I’ve been replaying track 20 over and over and over for awhile now.

  • Diziyyuki

    August 9, 2010

    Yumemi did “Super Driver” from SATB 8 and “Kira Kira” from UmaUma7.

    I personally think “Stargazer” is her best track.

  • exia

    September 4, 2010

    Least favorite “new” exit trance album. The build up from 7-8-9 were good then 10 came and was utter dissapointment :(

    I hope they do the Durara Op 2 song “complication” for the next one. I just hope they dont butcher it.

  • Fang-tan

    September 5, 2010

    I agree, I guess. The songs that were good were really good, though. Overall, pretty disappointing though.

    They do songs of the same series the same, usually (like Umineko). Complication will probably be just as bad.


    November 26, 2010

    11 is out: http://jpzrecords.blogspot.com/2010/11/exit-trance-presents-speed-anime-trance.html
    Haven’t personally listened to it yet though; going to now.

  • Fang-tan

    November 27, 2010

    Thanks, I was just going to go look for it!

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