Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

Ah. Slowpoke, slowpoke, slowpoke. Am I always that last person to find everything out? Well as I always say, I can’t be the last to find everything out and hopefully by posting such info, others will come to find out after me. In this case, I find this to be a quite interesting little discovery for god knows what reason. Anywho~

It turns out the group behind the Highschool of the Dead OP was actually a doujin group before doing the OP. They’ve actually done three Touhou albums! I don’t know why this amazes me so much! I’m sure they’re not the first but it seems very… wow! To think a Touhou-centric doujin group would hit it big like that! If you’ll recall, IOSYS did the end for Penguin Girl too. However, that aired on Niconico so it’s less credible.

(The vocalist for the group (including the OP?) was actually on this album (track 8). However, because I’m such a lousy reviewer even I can’t tell what I thought of her vocals)

You can find their original site here as well as their Geneon Records site here. As well, you can look up additional information on their albums over here.


  • sae

    August 11, 2010

    I’m a fan of Kishida Kyoudan and I didn’t even know they did the OP for this, wow. Maybe I should keep up with anime more.

    Thanks for posting, this really is a nice little discovery.

  • teru

    September 7, 2010

    Huge fan of K-kyoudan & Akeboshi Rockets. Going away from Touhou stuff, I find that their originals are also very listenable. The vocalist, Ichigo, is amazing, especially in Rolling Star. High School of the Dead is probably my least favorite, to be honest. I’m really hoping they won’t go too mainstream in order to cater to the anime-tards and stick to the doujin scene.

  • drjoestan

    September 11, 2010

    Curious to see if anybody else thought the same-

    It seems that the music in “Shitteru Madousho wa Denki nimo Naru no yo”, first song in their 2010 Rolling Star album is very similar to the music in “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD”.

    Same with “Shinkou wa Hakanaki Ningen no Tameni”, third song in the Rolling Star album with “Ripple”, the second song in the HOTD single.

    Is this normal practice? I’ve noticed quite a few groups do this (FLOW is another such one).

  • Anonymous

    November 5, 2010

    I too loved Kishida Kyoudan and ichigo before they made the op, they have actually done 3 more touhou albums without ichigo (with a synth) and published as kishida kyoudan; SupersonicSpeedStar Akeboshi Rocket and Supernova.
    Kishida kyoudan & the akeboshi rockets No.1
    P.S. The singer from that Iosys album is not Ichigo.

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  • math4origami

    June 24, 2011

    look up yumekui merry, too.

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