ALTERNAIT – the 東方 set + UMG7

I’m honestly at a loss for words right now. I’ve often begged for some more ALTERNAIT stuff and then I see this? Well needless to say I was skeptical and then overjoyed. Even if I’m not a big fan of Necrofantasia (read: I’m really sick of this song). I debated whether the album was long enough to warrant a review. So let me just go on about it right now.

Oh… my god. Just… wow. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I swear to god. I don’t even care that I hate Necrofantasia because ALTERNAIT is so amazing. Man, I can just imagine a Touhou Motion Graphic by ico, ALTERNAIT, C*C and everything (if you tell me there is one, I’ll just die). The ALTERNAIT remix isn’t that good, I must admit. Even I, who adore ALTERNAIT in every way, have to admit it’s not that great. 東方曲遊戯 is awesome though. To say nothing of the first track that I’m obsessing over.

Also, there was UMG7 which I posted about earlier. I’m impressed. It’s so nostalgic of the older songs. PV wise not so much (a little, actually I noticed) but the song is. The PV was all kinds of cool too. Jessica, as usual, looked cool, Shannon looked bat-shit insane, Dlanor had a small part but looked cool in hers, Erika didn’t come off as crazy but rather… sympathetic? Well I felt that way. Disappointing to not see her in a wedding dress but the end was all kinds of badass. Now that I’ve read (lol not that I’ve played) I kind of miss Erika because Lion-yaoi-bait is not nearly as fun.

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