It’s been awhile, hasn’t it, Albatrosicks? I’ve been waiting for this to show up before I listened to ANY other albums (of course I listened to the ALTERNAIT stuff though) and before I started any reviews. This had to be first.
Album Name: PARAMOUNT FEVER!!!!!!!!!!11111
Release Date: Comiket 78
Website: http://albatrosicks.com/2010summer/alba5/

    Short intro with a little bit of miko in the middle. Near the end seemed like what to hope for.
  2. start again
    Wow, reminds me of the earlier stuff (mostly from around the 2nd album). At first it sounded a little bit too much like Starfish but when it picked up it was much better sounding. Still that didn’t make it much more exciting. The song however had lots going on and that part sounded really good at least.
  3. とってもヴィーナス!みこおねえさん
    This song reminds me of Mario so much. I can’t place my finger on why it does but it does. Also, I was overwhelmed by how moe miko sounded in this song. More so than usual. But seriously when she’s singing faster it sounds like this.
  4. space elope
    Wow this one is pretty sweet sounding but also cool at the same time. It’s still a little bland but it is better than Star Cracker because this Electronica/Pop is exactly what I expect and want to hear.
  5. プラスチック・ダンボール・ハウス
    Going for a futuristic sound that’s fitting to the ‘setting’ of this group. Still not much is going on and it gets a little annoying after awhile although high-pitched miko and dog miko were amusing. Yeah there were all kinds of things going on with her voice. Trippy. That being said, wtf did I just listen to.
  6. デンジャラスリゾート
    This one is… great? Yes. It has meme written all over it but that’s okay because this song is really fun. Isn’t it weird that Quim hasn’t really shown up yet? Six tracks in and he’s not around? Well whatever he wouldn’t fit in this song anyways because this song is fun. It sounds like ARM is still experimenting but at least he’s still doing so in a way that fits the group unlike last time. The ‘pitchy’ part near the end sort of hurt my ears though.
  7. ドラム缶風呂型ドジっ娘コンピューターBUG
    Pretty catchy but it seems that these tracks that aren’t so much gimmicky are mostly forgettable. That isn’t to say they’re bad they’re just… well I probably won’t come back for a couple relistens. They’re not unique. That’s what I’m trying to say! Maybe it would be better if Quim showed up about now…?
  8. !?
    Haha, I really wanted to hear this one. The preview sounded just like miko screaming and stuff. She babbles a bit and tries to sing tone-deafly (played for laughs) and does a little screeching and laughing so the title is pretty fitting because it’s very what. !?, indeed.
  9. Mr.MANBOUのうた
    Okay this one was cute. I was humming it over and over. Feels like a nice little spoof but also works nice on it’s own. Plus miko sounds differently and it’s a nice change. It’s pretty catchy. If they had done a PV I wish it would have been for this one. I’d like to see what it’s about, firstly and secondly, it would probably result in a lot of awesome.
  10. 湯葉
    I’m a sucker for disco, I’ll admit. The ‘little bird things’ sing in this one and it’s… actually pretty good. You don’t really notice them and the song itself is, like I said, a weakness to me. Especially near the end where it got all intense. Still, I don’t think the birds had a track last album? Star Cracker was a really moody album.
  11. Diamond Dust
    Wow. This is pretty weird for Albatrosicks. It doesn’t sound like something from SC nor the slower tracks from the 1st or 2nd albums. It fits a little more with e but even that… it’s slow but not entirely. Vocals are both miko and Quim (well finally) and they’re nice and soft. It gives a strange feeling like anxiety but also trying to stay calm. The piano was really nice too. Although this does sound like something from Alternative Ending mostly…

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (a big improvement from Star Cracker but the lack of Quim was surprisingly unsettling)
Recommended tracks: 4, 6, 9, 11

(derp derp I looked at the site and they don’t even list Quim as a vocalist. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ  I’ll just assume it was him in the last track anyways!)

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