Dreamusic presents Anime Euro Best ~School Edition~

Fueling my hopes that one day I will get to listen to Chou! Anime Beat.
Album Name: Anime Euro Best ~School Edition~ (アニメユーロベスト~School Edition~)
Artist/Circle: V.A (Dreamusic)
Release Date: 05/12/10
Website: http://www.dreamusic.co.jp/sp/anime_euro/

  1. Cagayaki!GIRLS
    Vocals leave something to be desired (but are K-ON remix vocals ever good?) but the song itself is surprisingly good. It’s exactly what it says it is, Euro trance. Which, I found out this Comiket, is surprisingly popular. Okay, these vocals really confuse the hell out of me. I want to hate them but I they’re so bad they’re good.
  2. Don’t Say “Lazy”
    Oh, a terrible remix of Don’t Say Lazy? Well that’s NEVER been done before. :/
  3. 最強パレパレード
    Damned if I know which Haruhi incarnation this is from. I stopped caring after the first series. I looked up the original though. Bouken Desho Desho and Hare Hare Yukai were great. Everything after that is crap. It’s all just mediocre after that. Including this, I guess.
  4. 絶対love×love宣言!!
    Zettai Karen Children? Nice choice. I actually kind of like the vocals on this one. They’re kind of rough but they don’t sound as generic as track three. Same vocalist as track two but I can overlook that. Song wise, it’s pretty boring. So far the first two tracks, while not being particularly good, had the best song arrangement.
  5. ハッピー☆マテリアル
    Well, I stand corrected, I guess. Vocals remind me 100% of the original Happy Material so that’s a good thing and the song on this one is all over the place. But in a good way, it’s fun to listen to and doesn’t get quite as repetitive as the other tracks.
  6. 冒険でしょでしょ?
    Speak of the devil. I like the originality in this one because it incorporates something I really like in a remix/arrange. Messing up the order of the song. I’ve listened to enough Exit Trance releases to get bored of copy and paste remixes. But when you take one part of the song and throw it at the beginning of the song, it really catches me off guard and I appreciate that. Which was the only good thing about those IOSYS anime house things. They may have sucked but were damn original. Vocalist is Kei who I believe is a Niconico cover…ist. But I don’t know. Because she is damned hard to search for, I swear. Between the Vocaloid artist Kei, Visual Kei and K-ON, I couldn’t find anything on her, really. Finally, I came to the conclusion that this might be the Kei I was looking for. As she is a singer. On Niconico. But if you can prove me wrong, BY ALL MEANS, do so.
    It took me forever to try and place where I had heard this song before. Turns out, not from Bamboo Blade itself but from a Niconico medley I used to listen to when I had to walk ten billion blocks to walk home. The vocals sound really weird on this one, like they’re muffled for most of the song.
  8. motto☆派手にね!
    At first I was like, :/ but then I did this. In theory, this would make a great euro beat song but something went horribly, horribly wrong. Horribly. Same vocalist from the first track that makes me want to stab my ears or something.
  9. プレパレード
    IT GOT WORSE. They did the reverse as the last track. In track 8 they took a song with lower vocals and gave it chipmunk ear gouging vocals. In this one, they take Kugimiya vocals and make it lower so it sounds really sloooowed dooown. Not fun. Not fun at all.
    Oh, Kei! You saved me! I was about jump out my window or something. The song is much more exciting and in the same style as track five. You think I’d be mad that they’re such carbon copies of each but I ain’t even mad. It’s better than the crap that eight and nine were. Plus, Kei’s vocals are immaculate for this song. I would even venture to say that I prefer them over the original. A lot.
  11. もってけ!セーラーふく
    My ears are bleeding river of terrible. The song itself is a-okay. I really like it actually but oh god those terrible vocals. I mean in there own way they’re okay but they’re not even that good. Remember how much awful vocals annoy me? Well yeah. When is it a good idea to chipmunk everything up? When is it a good idea to chipmunk Motteke! Sailor Fuku up? Maybe in some situations. But not this one. This is just bad.
  12. God Knows…
    Oh, Nayuta doing a Haruhi song. I’d complain but after the ear rape that was the last track, this is like an oasis in a desert of crap. Nayuta is consistent but if you don’t like Nayuta, this song isn’t going to change that and nothing ever will. Although I do like her range because she doesn’t sound like Haruhi in everything. Song is pretty standard. The good vocals get bad songs and the good songs get horrible vocals. What a cruel world.
  13. ハレ晴レユカイ
    More Haruhi. Well, since the vocals aren’t as bad as track 11 and others (will anything ever be that bad to me?) so I can stand it. They are kind of nasal-y though. The only good Haruhi track has been Bouken Desho Desho because it stood out. It doesn’t feel like they’re trying anymore. Just please, please, don’t throw Super Driver at me.
  14. 経験値上昇中☆
    Shit, track 11’s vocalist is back and she’s intent on having me cut off my ears and mail them to her. I’m sorry, Minami-ke. I’m sorry this has been done to your song.
  15. でわっしょい
    Since my ears are bruised, I can take this nasal-y vocalist again but Sketch Switch is the best Hidamari song of all time.
  16. ふわふわ時間
    Oh, okay finish on a half decent K-on song. I guess I can take that but after the inhumane acts practiced on my ears so far, I really don’t care anymore. But this song is pretty good. The vocalist, Mi-Na (who has been competent throughout), sounds very Mio like. The song itself is pretty fun and is track 6-esque quality.

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Recommended tracks: 5, 6, 16

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  • denpanosekai

    December 18, 2010

    No no no!!! You got it all wrong!!!! This is a fantastic album BECAUSE it has vocals by nanahira and boku!!! I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously I pump these jams on a daily basis!!!!!

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