Soul gets an A+ for protecting Maka!

Blair wants to be Maka’s new mama

Actually, I told myself all week I wouldn’t blog this because it was too systematic of me. So what do I go and do? It’s not myself this show is so awesome and continues to win me over.

Damn this episode starts out slow

He knows kung-fu!

I knew Stein was their teacher but I forgot it. I was so burnt when he revealed it. But when Soul jumped on Maka to protect her I was so, so, so fangirled. It’s episode five and we’ve already got two simulatanious episodes that feature light canon hopes? I’m pretty sure we can expect a kiss by the end of the series.

(I had a dream last night where a prominent anime blogger (I won’t say who) was turned into a girl and said that this was the bad animation quality episode. Dream blogger was wrong!)

We have a diffrent word for this.


I was pretty disappointed that Maka’s dad was so comically despaired over Stein. He’s haunted and traumatized by this man and he’s so babyish about it? I’m sure we’ll go into this more but it was still pretty disappointing. Oh well.

Is Square Enix really funding our animation directly? HOSHI-


I’m still in shock that a series like this is so appealing to me. Even with Spice and Wolf I put episodes of that off for weeks at a time. But I watch this religiously on Friday and I’m excited about it. Is it because Soul Eater looks so good? Is it because it sounds so good? Is it because the characters are so…non flat? I don’t know.

The preview makes the episode look so awesome I almost wanted to cry. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait another week. I don’t think I can’t blog about it! Is that a bad thing?!

Fangirlism #1

Fangirlism #2

Fangirlism ULTIMATE <3


  • Nagato

    May 11, 2008

    Spice and Wolf’s story wasn’t so great, to be honest. Soul Eater’s not too bad comparatively.

  • totali

    May 12, 2008

    Dreams about anime bloggers? Wow, and I thought I was hardcore.

    Haha, I’m always loving Maka and Soul.

    totalis last blog post..Nabari no Ou – 06

  • Fang-tan

    May 14, 2008

    @Nagato, yes but compared to Soul Eater, Spice and Wolf was way more original. In my opinion anyways.

    It was a really awkward dream. ;_; Maka and Soul are awesome. They much awesome partners.

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