[c78] Twinkledisc – DigiStyling

I find it so hard to do reviews of Vocaloid albums. It’s so subjective. Usually, I’ll listen to an album if a) I already like a song from that album or b) I like and trust the producer enough that he’ll wow me into liking a song from the album. But, despite the size of my Vocaloid playlist, it takes a bit to actually make me like a song. And usually that is a chorus or a PV. I’ll try to get over that.
Album Name: DigiStyling
Artist/Circle: Twinkledisc (Signal-P/Dios)
Release Date: Comiket 78
Website: http://twinkledisc.net/

  1. Rise
    I’m not going to lie. Nothing from Signal-P has ever really appealed to me. It’s all been pretty blah. Not to mention, I listen to the Kagamine’s less than most other Vocaloids. Still, it’s a really high quality of stuff. Even if I’m not the sort of person it appeals to, I can still recognize that.
    Fairly average. Rin’s voice is decent as usual but the song itself is kinda boring.
  3. twinkle our days -Digi mix-
    This sounded like a song that I can’t quite remember the name of and was from a fairly obscure anime but whatever, ignore I even said that. That being said, the song improves. It sort of reminds me of something I’ve would produce. More Rin vocals too.
  4. 会いたい -GUMI Ver.-
    This is what convinced me to give this album a shot. This song is probably the first of Signal-P I’ve really, really liked. It made me recognize him as a good producer, really. At first GUMI’s warbling vocals had been offputting when I heard the song. But that quickly grew on me. Rather than weak composition, I saw it as a rather tactful one. It makes GUMI sound much more alive and human. The song is pretty basic with some short, light guitar solos thrown in. This album lists it as GUMI ver but I had assumed this was a GUMI original. Huh. Well maybe I’ll look into seeing if another Vocaloid sang it before her.
  5. カーニバル
    Miku as the vocalist this time. The song kind of stands out this time and is all over the place. In a good sort of way, you know?
  6. ラ・ピュセル
    It gets better. Luka this time and with her, we get an outstanding track. The song is intense and perfect for Luka’s vocals. This song wouldn’t be as good if it were not for her, really. They go together perfectly. The pulsing, somewhat serious sounding music and her mature vocals are a match made in heaven.
  7. Transient Snow
    It seems like this song has been popping up everywhere. That, or I’m mistaking it for another song. Probably that? Well if it is this song, I certainly can’t tell what is so special about it.
    This is probably why I have trouble with Vocaloid albums. If they don’t go above and beyond, they just loose me. Once again, the song is produced nicely and the chorus is pretty catchy too (okay Rin is kinda cute) but it doesn’t hold my attention for very long.
  9. キミボシ -Birthday mix-
    I figured, since this was a separate mix, I should watch the original. I found  MMD PV for the 5th MMD Cup thing. Wow. That was pretty amazing. The song was beautiful and the PV was pretty… well it was downright sad. (The guy kinda looked like a genderswapped Haruka Amami which kinda threw me off but whatever) This version doesn’t really do the original justice. And I had a hard time telling who was singing. Which makes me horrible but, yeah. It sounded like Luka at first, then Append-Miku and then I realized it was GUMI. Usually, GUMI can make any song better for me. I guess that’s true since I would probably want to listen to this version over the original. This version didn’t really give me chills though. But probably that PV had something to do with that.
  10. Just Be Friends -Punk Ballade mix-
    I try to avoid Just Be Friends remixes when I can. This one… it’s so very 90s sounding. I can’t explain it better than that but it reminds me of the music I used to hear when I was a kid. Not a good thing? Well I don’t think any JBF remixes are really that good. I haven’t heard that Magnet remix CD either but I will probably avoid it. Eager Love Revenge wasn’t that thrilling to me either. Huh.

Fang’s Rating: 7/10
Recommended tracks: 4, 6, 9

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