[c78] MN-logic24 – Cinderella Girl

Huh. Given the title and the cover it’d be nice to see the lyrics to see if the Cinderella thing is an underlying theme throughout but I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon.
Album Name: Cinderella Girl
Artist/Circle: MN-logic24
Release Date: 08/14/10 (Comiket 78)
Website: http://minerogu.web.fc2.com/tokusetsu/mncg001.html

    Probably not the thing I normally listen to but I said the same thing about Wishes Hidden In The Foreground Noises and I ended up absolutely loving that. From what I have heard of this, I think we can assume this will head in the same direction. There were a couple times throughout this track specifically that ended up sounding like a K-ON’d up Kishida Kyoudan arrangement. The vocals were really nice. The vocalist would be one Mineko with a geust vocalist named Liebe backing her up.
  2. 川の畔にて
    Very island-y. For some reason it reminded me of Windwaker. Huh, why do I get the feeling I’ve said that before? Works as an intro piece I guess because the actual arrangement part lasts for only a few seconds in the short minute long song.
  3. 滝ノ詩
    Wow, I always love intro’s like that. The vocals are also pleasant. They do a little warbling but I found it charming and befitting to the song rather than annoying. The chorus was a little iffy sounding though. The guitar was very intense and her voice just didn’t rise up to balance it out nice enough so her warbling ended up making the guitar sounding very dominant. The song itself was very good a little weird with the background… growling. Perhaps comparing it to Foreground Noises was a wise choice.
  4. 凛花人形
    The vocals were a little strange on this one, really. They started off silky smooth but ended up sounding very manly (unless there was another vocalist and I just didn’t see them listed anywhere). The song is a little plain but I enjoyed it because arrangements of Dark Road (♥) sound best when they’re uncluttered.
  5. 奔放寅∧奔走鼠
    Did not even expect. [SPOILER]I hate chiptune with bad vocals[/SPOILER]. Not that these are terrible. Just not good.
  6. Candle Light
    Okay, now that we got that out of the way. No heavy guitar this time around but something a little more jazz like this time. Well, I mean barely. Her vocals sort of are but the rest of the song is kinda of alternative pop-ish. I must say this vocalist is really growing on me.
  7. 星霜降る野、夜を邌(練)歩く
    Another rock-ish song to send us off. Not quite so much as earlier though. The vocals are strange again here but it fits nicely. She doesn’t sound like a man again, like I almost expected. It gives the song an entirely different emotion. There is a lot going on but it blends together to give off a nice rustic feeling.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10
Recommended tracks: 1, 3, 7

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