Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 11

This took a long time for me to get motivated to do. I guess I’ve been busy with other stuff and not all of that other stuff was Fable 3.
Album Name: Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 11
Artist/Circle: EXIT TRANCE (Quake Records)
Release Date: 11/20/10
Website: http://exittunes.com/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00183.html

  1. 大和撫子エデュケイション
    And so we reach the akward stage between using all the good songs from one season to being stuck with… well, everything on this album. The tracklist may not be ideal for me, per say, but I’m sure it would delight some. Really, despite the cutesy vocals at the start that told me to e on guard and dislike this song,  really can’t fault it too much. The 00:44 mark to the chorus caught me off guard as being surprisingly good. The song is Yamato Nadeshiko Education from Seitokai Yakuindomo. The vocalists are our regular MAKI as well as a fairly new vocalist named 405 who appears on this album once again later on. (But no CAMRY at all. Bummer.)
    Well damn,  was really meh at the start of this song (I don’t remember JAP being that impressive either) but things got better. The vocalist is one YOZU and I can’t recall if we’ve seen him around before. Probably. His voice is suited for T.M Revolution songs, it would seem. Still, I wasn’t impressed by that. The song itself is pretty well done and that’s about it.
    For a second I was going to congratulate Latte on making me like or hate a song I already dislike but I was surprised to find it was R. Cena singing. Okay, not really. Her voice is very soft. I shouldn’t be surprised. Latte used to sound like her though. At least in my mind they sound the same. Latte has actually improved lately. Well, I should get back on topic. I really can’t stand this original. The vocals annoy the hell out of me and it isn’t nearly as catchy as the first one. But I feel weird about this one because I don’t think I dislike the vocals as much as the original but that doesn’t mean I think they’re very good at all. Well, they’re okay. The vocals are okay but the song is fairly generic. It’s the opposite of track two, I guess.
  4. 押しちゃうぞ!!
    Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, aren’t we? This is the OP from Omamori Himari. I never knew it’s name until now. Infact, the only reason I could recognize it was because I have (had) so many Megami posters of it. Man. I haven’t bought a Megami in a long time. My walls are starting to get boring again… See how I can’t focus on talking about this song at all? It’s not just because my attention wanders like a cat or something. It’s because this song is pretty lame. R.Cena does another fairly applaud-worthy job but the rest of the song doesn’t stand out that much. I didn’t mind listening to it. I just couldn’t find anything special about it.
  5. おしえてA TO Z
    B Gata H Kei? Really? Really? Can you see why I wasn’t that excited about this? They all sound the same. That’s right. I said it. That 405 vocalist who showed up earlier is our vocalist here. She does pretty good for herself. She seems like a nice match for a Yukari Tamura song too. Although I’ve never been a fan of Tamura. And I can’t stand Nana Mizuki anymore. Man, Nanoha music lost all of it’s magic for me.
    Well, well then. Trancecore? I thought we were just saving that for Umineko. Because that worked out so well for us, didn’t it? ahaha.wav. Huh, well what to say? The song is pretty cool and handled better than Katayoku no Tori was. But that was one of the worst songs in the entire SATB series though. This? Well… the vocals still don’t match that much. Seriously? Why match the gothic-y songs up with trancecore? It seems like strange game plan. Wouldn’t one of these moe-moe songs worry better? Well I doubt the Kuroshitsuji fangirls will mind. This is the OP to Kuroshitsuji II, I believe. The vocalist is TAKANORI.
  7. フライングヒューマノイド
    I keep hearing this version and I’m like ‘where the hell have I heard this before?’ this time  knew from where but last time I had to look it up. The song is Flying Humanoid from Occult Academy. I can normally enjoy the vocalists above all else but there is a lot to fault here. mi-mi sounds fine for the most part but some of the secondary vocals of hers are very screechy and off-pitch. I think someone else with a little more edge to their voice would have been better to cover a Shokotan song but, eh, it’s not up to me. And really? Have they ever covered one of her songs and done it well? No, really. Have they? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no.
  8. 恋華大乱
    KOIHIME MUSOU. OH BOY. I can’t recall, have they done the rest of the Koihime songs? Or did they really run out that badly? Well they have no main staples to resort to like they could in the past (K-ON, MF, etc) so what else can we expect? I just trudge through this and know that the next album will have all the great music from this season. (If they do Kuragehime music and not butcher it I will be so excite). Actually, this isn’t half bad. I like it better than the original (odd I’ve actually heard the original of this) and mi-mi actually doesn’t sound as horrible bad as she did in the previous track. Short, short version though.
  9. Now Loading… Sky!!
    The OP from
    Asobi ni Iku yo! Hmmm. Our vocalist is MAKI but the originally artist is Sphere. I’d say MAKI does a pretty good job. I’m not too familliar with this song but damn, this was incredibly catchy. I actually found myself dancing along with this one as I listened. I’m sure that must have looked ridiculous but that gives this song some pretty high marks in my books. So far, this might be my favourite track off this album.
  10. シアワセは月より高く
    I’ve never listened to anything from Shukufuku no Campanella because I imagined it all to be moe-moe garbage. I guess I wasn’t entirely on the mark. Latte finally shows up and she isn’t half bad (she’s no CAMRY, okay). There isn’t anything spectacular about this song. That, or it’s a letdown after the previous track. The vocals and song are equally as bland.
    Oddly, again, I have heard this one originally. I never really minded it despite it not being my real cup of tea. I don’t remember it that well but this hardly seems like a deviation. When I say that, that is of course a bad thing. I see nothing to gain from the song if it isn’t at least a little bit unique. Actually, I’m reminded of the early albums. Which is strange because the rest of this album has been pretty out there.
  12. 白翼ノ誓約 ~PURE ENGAGEMENT~
    Despite the content of the show, I’ve never found the music of Sekirei to be that bad at all. I guess this is no exception if you exclude the more cutesy vocals. YURiE (showing up for the first time so far) and MAKI are our vocalists this time around and I am able to assume after all this time that MAKI is our loli-ish sounding vocalist. If I am wrong about that then I will be disturbed immensely.
  13. LAMENT ~やがて喜びを~
    I can’t believe I couldn’t place this song when I first heard it. It’s the OP from Legend of the Legendary Heroes (which I ended up never watching and I actually prefer the ED). YURiE is our vocalist and she uses her lower tone which can usually wreck a song but fits rather nicely (as nicely as it can, I suppose) while she weaves between pitches. The song itself is a rather nice arrangement for how ‘calm’ the song was originally. While I enjoyed it, I can’t say it was really all that great.
  14. 鬼帝の剣
    Was this on one of the side UmaUma albums or something recently? I don’t normally listen to those but this sounds version. Back in the day, KONEKO PROJECT used to do the ALI PROJECT songs and they had no vocals as a result. It’s rather nice hearing one with though. Yumemi, our vocalist here, does an outstanding job as the vocalist. If they cover more ALI PROJECT songs I hope she’s the vocalist for it. She does a great job. Despite my hate for Katanagatari right now, I still kind of hope they do Katana to Saya. The song is originally from Kurogane no Linebarrels and god knows why it took me forever to find that out.
  15. みらくるハッピーディ
    Seikon no Blacksmith ending? Really. Good god, can the next album hurry up and come already? Anyways, here’s a thought. Have they done any Hghschool of the Dead songs yet? I mean there are a TON of those they could have done. A TON. Why not touch one of those? Even if it sounded terrible, it would still be more relevant than this. And this is bad.
  16. くちづけ
    When I first listened to the album and I heard this, my mind nearly imploded. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. If running out of ideas leads us to this then maybe it’s not so bad. They could probably do something nicely with the second OP or the second ED even… anyways, I don’t see this as particularly great aside from the song which is bland until our vocalist, Yusuke, stops singing in which the creepy-orgol plays and after that things improve. There isn’t enough emotion and seduction in the vocalists voice that deter from the original in a big, big way. He does a pretty good job but without those key elements, the song just isn’t the same.
  17. バカ・ゴー・ホーム
    Then again, running out of ideas also leads to this. Baka Go Home is the ED to BakaTest. The vocalist is once again TAKANORI. Huh, quite a few male vocalists this time around, isn’t there? I suppose that’s okay. I actually enjoy these vocals more than the original. The song isn’t as spastic as the orignal which was a little pleasing to the ears, at least.
    Sora no Otoshimono? Wake me up when we’re done here, kay? Well, this isn’t so bad I guess. The song is fine and I don’t know how the original vocals are so I can’t judge if R.Cena butchers them or not. I just know I don’t have enough time in my life to listen to this when I’ve listened to the same sounding thing five other times on this album already.
    Well, I wanted to get annoyed because the album is almost over and there is nothing but drab, run of the mill tracks left but I actually enjoyed this so I couldn’t complain. Instead, I had to go look up the original OP. I must say I was conflicted about what I saw. On one hand, it looked like something I would totally not enjoy. However a straight forward romance is something I do. But with that many girls around, I can only assume harem. Or ecchi. Either way. I do have a poster from a scene in the OP up on my wall though (damn you, Megami!). Anyways, this vocals in this one (done by yumemi) are a little shrill. The song itself has a lot more energy that fits the song nicely. If only we could get the original vocals to go with the song in this version. We’d have a real winner on our hands.
  20. I LOVE
    Amagami SS? Well that’s pretty relevant I guess. The vocals are, surprise surprise, R.Cena. Man, why replace CAMRY with her? Okay, I’ll stop complaining about that. The vocals are actually the nicer part of this song well the song itself is rushed and unfitting. Maybe they want this album to end as much as I do.

Fang’s Rating:


  – Average
I blame being sort of between seasons for the poor tracklist here. Hopefully with music from OreImo, Zakuro, Kuragehime, Index II, KamiNomi, Star Driver, among others we’ll see a more thought out and diverse selection of songs. R.Cena should remain a secondary vocalist and, obviously, I would enjoy it if CAMRY returned. If not, perhaps more YURiE and, god help me, Latte.
Recommended tracks: 9, 16, 19


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