[c79] Primary – Seven’th Color

Album Name: Seven’th Color
Artist/Circle: Primary (Yuiko)
Release Date: Comiket 79
Website: http://primary-yuiko.com/7th_album/seventh_color/

  1. Primary World
    Nice, if weak, track to start off on. It’s pleasant to listen to, sure. The vocals, done throughout the entire album, are by Yuiko. Now, I couldn’t remember where I had heard her before because her voice is nice but somewhat typical. It turns out she’s a main staple on the more ‘vibrant’ Shoujo Byou albums such as ‘Fantasy RPG’ or ‘Fiesta’. Other notable doujin groups she has been involved with are Corky Voce and MyonMyon. She’s done some work with I’VE, also but I’m not sure how recent that was. Along with all that, she’s done a bit of eroge music which suits her voice perfectly. I know I say that about most pop styled vocalists I come across but in her case, she’s actually does eroge music.
  2. Aggregation -type 7-
    We move onto something with a little more flavour. I was reluctant to admit how catchy this was. The chorus, especially. It’s still pretty plain but it sounds good.
  3. Dear scarlet sky
    Somewhat slower paced, giving it the feel of a nicely done rock ballad sort of thing. I really can’t get over how polished this act all is. I could really be listening to a random insert in some half-baked anime series much like the five thousand ‘magical girl, wimpy guy’ shows coming out this season. Okay maybe that’s the only kind of show I can picture it coming from. But it would be the highlight of whatever episode it is.
  4. 00-77
    Something a little more unusual from what we’ve heard so far and, frankly, something more up my alley. Electronica strangely befitting of the title which is… just numbers. But numbers give you a sci-fe feel and this is essentially that. It sounds like it belongs on a completely different album but I don’t know… Yuiko’s vocals are oddly fitted for something like this. The song’s tempo changes for awhile in the middle and it was a nice way to shake things up. If the other Primary (Yuiko’s own doujin group, I assumed) are more like this then I’ll have to check them out.
  5. 蒼い海
    Not exactly back to the ‘usual’. This time we are treated to a slower track with a piano as the main sound for most of the song. A guitar joins in but it doesn’t change the bittersweet melody very much at all.
  6. マリーゴールド
    A nice way to end the album. It sounds a bit repetitive after track five and not nearly as catchy as track two. It’s still more relaxed than track 1-2 and maybe even track 3.

Fang’s Rating:


– Average(-ish)
I would have rated it lower but track four impressed me so much, I just had to bump it up a tiny bit. Anyways, such an album is one i come across and even review very often. Pop-rock, I mean of course. It takes a bit for me to find the combination to be truly impressed but I can enjoy it nonetheless. This album does little to impress besides being polished and having exceptionally enjoyable vocals by Yuiko. Track four, like I said, is more suited to my taste so I felt some bias toward that track but even that track wasn’t that great. Still, if you’re a fan of lighthearted rock with nice, if not common, vocals then you will probably enjoy this.
Recommended tracks: 2, 4

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