[c79] Poplica* – Live A-Round

Album Name: Live A-Round
Artist/Circle: Poplica*
Release Date: 12/30/10 (Comiket 79)
Website: http://www.syrufit.jp/livearound/

  1. Live Around
    I don’t really know anything about Poplica* besides that it seems to be a subgroup of Syrufit. Is this true? Huh, well I suppose that isn’t too important after all. Anyways are vocalist for this first track is one Tsubaki Ichimatsu. I haven’t really heard of her but she seems to do mostly Syrufit or AniPix albums. She isn’t too bad, I suppose. Nothing to write home about and certainly not the next big Touhou doujin vocalist but I’ve heard worse from more unknown vocalists. I was more impressed with the actual song arrangement which managed to be pretty exciting from the get go. As you could probably guess from the album art and that this is the title track, it is an arrangement of Higan Retour ~ Riverside View, Komachi’s theme.
  2. Epicurean
    Oh god, my constant replaying of the PSG soundtrack finally got up to me on this one. Which is weird because they sound nothing alike. On subject now, the vocalist is someone a little more well known now. Mei Ayakura is our vocalist this time and she appears a few times more than the former vocalist. It’s only on her third (one, two) appearance on this blog (on an album in which she has more influence, also) that I am able to recognize her. Anyways, her voice the same as usual. I guess I can only say that now after acknowledging her. She does sound weak at some parts but where I found that amateurish in the past, I now see it as endearing.
  3. フタリノユメ
    I’ve never been a fan of Patchouli’s theme but the chorus, in this case as well, is always pretty catchy in those arrangements. Tsubaki returns as our vocalist and it’s a weird contrast between her and Mei. I think, despite being more noticeably flawed than usual, I appreciate Mei more. The song itself is a little more edgy but stands out less than the previous two tracks.
  4. Crush the Cage
    Mei returns as our vocalist and we are joined now by SHIKI. Perhaps Tsubaki’s more… ‘mature’ vocals would have been more suitable for this track? Well there was some weird backup vocals so I thought she might be on this track too but I couldn’t find anywhere on the site that confirmed or denied that. It didn’t sound like both instances could be really her? Well the vocal style is sung a lot like the previous track which ends up sounding a little bit tedious.
  5. Phantasm
    A 9 minute long original piece by TAK-sk. A bit long for my liking and the beginning is ridiculously annoying. It gets nice and soothing after awhile though.
  6. Forget the Lie
    It was jarring going from being so relaxed by the previous track to the anxiousness in this one. Maybe I need to stop listening to so many vocal albums? They start to get boring. Maybe Mei is just fine in small doses? Not that she’s bad, of course. Maybe I’m just looking forward to the next track too much. But really, an unremarkable track altogether.
  7. 回遊の森
    A more ‘traditional’ sounding song that seems hugely out of place considering everything else we’ve seen so far. Still, it’s pretty relaxing like track five.
  8. Childhood
    Ah, something nice appears again. Track five and four were pretty boring but this is a little better. Mei’s vocals are suited for something like this that comes off as pop more than anything. No her vocals were best for Revive, haha. But that’s not too relevant. It was a little hard for me to place and that happens to be because this is a Crystallized Silver arrangement.
  9. Repeat the Round…
    Neat title motif as we end up on Komachi’s Riverside View again. Nice slow track like the highlights of the rest of this album have been. It really is kind of strange going from the upbeat tracks to these ones. Also, I like xylophones.

Fang’s Rating:


– Average
The lists Poplica* for composition and arrangement so to whoever that is, good job. I found the song arrangement to be really well done and was what drew me to this album. The vocals were good but they were sort of bland and there wasn’t anything that kept them from sounding monotonous and the same in each track. The slower tracks seemed out of place but were definitely the best part of the album.
Recommended tracks: 2, 5, 9

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