[c79] Last Note. – Vocalize

Album Name: Vocalize
Artist/Circle: Last Note.
Release Date: 12/30/10 (Comiket 79)
Website: n/a

  1. ローリンガール
    Rolling Girl. I really like the rock arrangement of this song but the vocals just don’t do it for me. I’m aware the vocalist, Amu, is pretty popular but I can’t see why. Well I’m just going off this song. I’m sure the fangirls have their reasons. Anywho, like I said. He does pretty well but he flounders on the chorus which should demand a lot of emotion from the vocalist. I’m not saying it isn’t there but it just doesn’t sound convincing.
  2. Just Be Friends
    I was a little iffy at first but then it got good. Real good. When I saw ichigo was on this album and I saw this song, I was hoping she would be the one covering it. Okay, maybe an ichigo cover of Rolling Girl would be totally amazing too but I ain’t greedy. Song arrangement is pretty nice, nothing totally impressive and with a less intense rock sound than the previous track. Well, JBF was never that style in the first place. ichigo sounds a little placid throughout but she sounds much better than I would have thought. Especially loved the Vocaloid sounding effect they gave her voice near the middle.
  3. きみがすき
    The vocalist is ASK, now. He sounds a lot better than the previous male vocalist but that may just be my preference. He just sounds more polished for a NicoNico vocalist. I don’t remember the original being too memorable (ha) and this arrangement is the same.
  4. ナトリウム
    The guitar, done by someone named Matiya, is really cool on this one. I just really noticed that above all else. The vocalist is pretty big and notable NicoNico singer and that would be Usa. Her voice reminds me of a watered down Nayuta and it falters on some higher notes but it’s generally pretty sweet to listen to.
  5. 天楽
    Our vocalist this time is vip店長. Someone, I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of. Or, rather I’ve heard them but never learned their name. It would be impossible to say I hadn’t heard them in a chorus. That being said, I simply love her him. His voice is like ichigo’s in that it’s schreechy and raw in a totally good way. It suits the intensity of this song. Once again, Matiya is great. Shame I can’t find out more about him. EDIT: turns out my initial hunch based on his name alone that  vip店長 was a guy is correct. Apparently, a guy known for sounding like a girl. I, uh, did not see that coming.
  6. 悪ノ召使
    Interesting Servant of Evil arrangement we have here. Apparently, if I’m not mistaken, this artist is Lon. Someone who knows NicoNico artists better may be able to correct me on that though. Well, this was awesome. To be frank. I didn’t think the vocalist fit at first but my mind changed quickly. Once again, I never thought I could enjoy a rock arrange of a Vocaloid song so much. Maybe I’ll have to start looking into these things. Lon’s voice is a little warbly at parts and had she not been on the album as ichigo and vip店長, I would have been displeased with how weak she sounded. Instead, her voice seems to fit dispute it’s… immaturity.
  7. モノクロ∞ブルースカイ
    As soon as the vocals started on this one, I could tell who it was. Our vocalist this time is the wonderful Hanatan. Which surprises me. I expected more guy vocalists on this album but I guess I was mistaken. Hanatan sounds as fab as usual but she does seem a little out of place with the other more veteran rock vocalists, if you could call them that. Well, she sort of does match Usa’s style. Not familiar with the original but it sounds like I’m probably not missing much.
  8. ワンステップ・レイヤード
    Leading us out is a duet between Sekihan and Nodoame. WELL. I thought Nodoame was a girl at first and it was until I looked him up did I realize he was, infact, male. Seriously. Just wow. Anywho, I had to look this song up and did Last Note have something to do with creating it? For that matter, who IS Last Note? Because I couldn’t find a site on them nor much information at all but they’re mentioned in the PV for this song. So, uh, yeah. I can not take this song seriously now after learning there is infact two guys singing. And just listen to it yourself. Maybe I’m just childish. But then again, Nodoame would probably make great trap material. These are the things my mind thinks on a daily basis.

Fang’s Rating:


– Above Average
I wish I knew more about the Last Note group! I want to know if they have any other albums, or if we can expect any. I also want to know what their involvement is with that song/PV but there’s no time for that right now! All in all, a very solid release. There are some big NicoNico artists here so if you’re into that or especially like Vocalid song covers then this is definitely worth a check out. The first and last tracks are definitely the weakest but everything else is pretty enjoyable.
Recommended tracks: 2, 5, 6


  • kaiyoria chi

    January 12, 2011

    where can I download this to see if I wannna buy it?

  • だwん

    January 19, 2011

    Nodoame has handsome voice, while Sekihan is a trap. I think you got them mixed up. : (

  • Fang-tan

    January 19, 2011

    Ouch, really? Man I really need to brush up! I listened to a sample of Nodoame’s stuff before that track but I must have mixed it up. Thank you for the correction!

  • Mizorui

    January 28, 2011

    I’m not one of the fangirls you’ve talked about but I like amu’s voice.

  • Kaionlriu

    January 29, 2011

    ichigo, usa, and lon!
    nice album this is, at least for the three songs that those three sung that is. maybe I’m just one of those people who are addicted to Miku’s voice pitch.

  • Kitty

    June 10, 2011

    sekihan is the trap =O and a very good one at that >w<

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