5 Adaptions I’d Like To See, Part 1

Gasai Yuno

Here we’ll investigate three cases of “They-might-be-medicore-anime-series-but-I’ll-still-watch-them” that are not anime yet. But I’m sure they will be in the future. So until then…

5. Gore Screaming Show/Mindead Blood
Personally, I’d much rather watch a Gore Screaming Show anime then a MinDead Blood one. For those who don’t know, Gore Screaming Show is an extremly gorey/disturbing eroge game that offers an extra filter so you can skip past the disturbing (more so than normal. It’s like mutilation andtorture and stuff) scenes. Fun, huh? It also features a cute creepy loli with a giant polite puppet! How fun! This was the second (I consider it my first though) eroge game (my first was actually Shuffle!) I played. Big mistake. Not-quite-guro. That’s enough to either repel you from OR into the eroge world. XD

4. Touhou
Honourable Touhou Spot, GET.

3. Peace@Pieces
Nevermind. I’m sure this’ll be an anime soon I’m sure. It’s probably the most likely (With the first competing to prove me wrong). It’s already quite popular. I could see KyoAni getting a hold of this. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?

2. Cross-World
If only for Ren Ralpha~! This could turn into Prism Ark (which is totally turning me off at the moment) or it could turn into Zero no Tsukaima. Why do I reference these two series? I don’t know. I am just reminded of them kinda. Mostly just Prism Ark.

1. Mirai Nikki
How the hell is this not an anime? Crazy girls who kill people? Do anime producers not realize that people will stay loyal (see School Days) if there is blood and crazies involved? But I’d really like it for Minene. Who is easily the best character.

Example One
Example Two

Example Three


  • raimaru2880

    April 1, 2008

    damn… it creeps me out to the bone… I LOVE IT!

  • Jenny

    May 11, 2008

    oh man a gss anime and mn anime would be awsome. I love Yuka

  • Epic Poster

    February 1, 2009

    The only problem with GSS is that I HATE tentacles and rape… Exept the raper/tentacle guy can end brutally maimed in one of the endings, nothing against loli… BUT if it is loli rape… BURN THE GAME (luckily it is not loli rape)!!! No really… how do people get turned-on by tentacles… gross… I may like to see people imploding into bloodshowers or sewed together abominations with nonsense construction and inner body visible… Hell I even like it… But rape is just too immoral… Well guess I gotta call that a dogma of mine… If they make an anime expect it to air after midnight or in adult channels, the ammount of gore is enough to get it censored in most places, add the tentacles and rape and you get a 18+ not recommended for anyone classification…

    Epic Post

  • read more

    July 20, 2012

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    & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal site and would like to know where you got this from or what the theme is called. Thank you!

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