[c79] SAVE THE QUEEN – Perfect Eastern Dream

Album Name: Perfect Eastern Dream
Artist/Circle: SAVE THE QUEEN
Release Date: Comiket 79
Website: http://savethequeen.ninja-web.net/

  1. Perfect Eternal Blossom
    Someone told me STQ was a pretty high quality group though they mostly did Vocaloid stuff. I think. Well I meant to give Only Miku Railgun a listen but I never got around to it. Maybe because it was Railgun. Ugh. Well, I kept that in mind but really caught my attention here was the vocalists. Mostly for this track too. Yui Sakakibara? Really? Well I couldn’t believe it when I heard that. She doesn’t strike me as the type to do doujin stuff… especially Touhou doujin stuff! But I don’t pay attention to such track records (and my new buddy vgmdb agrees with my theory) so I was amazed with this. But why was I amazed? It’s not like Sakakibara is that amazing. Maybe if you told me, “hey, Rita did this Touhou album go check it out” I would be cool with that until I remembered I didn’t really care for Rita. Huh. So maybe I don’t like eroge singers in general? Well Sakakibara did the OP for Prism Ark and I liked that. The song, not the show. Okay way off topic. Sakakibara is okay and she would be average even from a Touhou vocalist (as opposed to someone like herself who is supposed to be more professional). What really stood out was the song arrangement. I thought we had some generic high-tension pop going on but I was mistaken. The vocal-less section around the 2:30 mark was easily the best part of the song.
  2. 虚空の如く、月の如く、夢の如く
    I saw people excited for this vocalist more specifically. Which confused me until I researched who she was. My previous understanding was “idk another eroge vocalist” and that is why I should not be allowed to have a blog that is vaguely about music. Nao used to be the the lead vocalist for fripSide and did the OP for the first Koihime Musou series. She also did the OP for Custom Maid 3D? Neat. ARM is just everywhere these days, isn’t he? ANYWHO, I was a little more disappointed in this one. Nao fails to overly impress me (but perhaps I am becoming more jaded when it comes to vocalists?) and the arrangement is nothing to write home about either.
  3. 幻想雪月歌
    Toned it down a SMIDGEN for this one. Which is nice because the first two tracks were sort of exhausting. Vocalist this time is Suzuka Nakahara. The only thing I know off the top of my head is some more involvement in some Prism Ark stuff I think. Not that I like that stupid series or anything. I just happen to know. Her vocals are a little more… uh, deeper. The song is a bit more relaxed, like I said, than the previous tracks. And once again there is a short vocal break near the 3:00 mark that is pretty nice sounding. The mix of instruments in this once was a nice blend as well.
  4. Distorted Princess
    Switching to heavy rock now which is STILL nice after the intense first tracks. Vocalist is Somnium. She conflicts me. Most of the song is in English but then there will be one line of Japanese after each stanza. I think I sort of liked her English better but her voice was very rough. Not in a good way. Add in some weak screamo? Eh, we’ve already done that. Still it was nice to have some Septette for the Dead Princess instead of the standard U.N Owen for first (?) Touhou arrange albums.
    Our vocalist is SaiT. Going for the miko sound and doing her own nice take on it. Maybe because she doesn’t sound like a moemoe pipsqueak. (ilu still miko) The arrange started off nicely but the vocal parts were very repetitive and boring. I did like the vocals but the manner in which they were presented was drab. The song was okay when it was more focused on the piano aspect but that was only brief sections.
  6. 虚空の如く、月の如く、夢の如く ver.M
    Of course, SAVE THE QUEEN started off as a Vocaloid group. So now we have a version of track two featuring Miku Hatsune. And I was just going to leave it at that but they did really well. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve heard such polished Miku vocals. It could even give Uso to Diamond a run in my books.
  7. 幻想雪月歌 ver.M
    Miku version of track three. Miku is less polished here but I still think I prefer these vocals over the original track three ones.

Fang’s Rating:


– Exceed Expectations
As I said, someone recommended this group to me earlier on but it was the vocalists that caught my eye for this one. I see a lot of potential if they can work out something a little more original (well, as original as Touhou arrangements can get) for their next offering. Hopefully I will be able to watch for their releases based on their own skill and not the flashy names they can acquire for their albums.
Recommended tracks: 1, 5, 6

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