Kou Shibasaki – Mukei Spirit

I don’t really pay attention to J-artists unless they have some connection to anime music or to the doujin scene and even then I only know about them on a need to know basis. That being said I probably would not have had a chance to listen to this artist any other way. The only reason I did come to learn of Shibasaki’s latest single Mukei Spirit is because it was listed on DECO*27’s NicoNico channel. It feautured a Trio Amatou PV and so I was intrigued. It turns out DECO*27 did the arrangement of the song. The single came out at the beginning of Febuary but I’m having trouble finding if Shibasaki’s Genomi Chronicle was the same or a shout out or even possible unintentionally the same as Moziak Role. Well, they appear to have different lyrics at least. Also there isn’t a full PV for Genomi Chronicle which is a shame because it looked even cooler than the PV for Moziak Role. If we move on from Genomi Chronicle we have a remix of Mukei Spirit. Normally I don’t care about remixes but we have an exception here (although this did remind me to check out that PSI-Missing remix on Mami Kawada’s latest single). This remix is done by no other than Teddyloid of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt fame. And it is delicious. Teddyloid really needs to make himself a little more vocal. We need to start seeing him some more. Well, I guess he’d show up if there was a PSG S2. Ha!

There is a lot of things attractive about this single. Great vocals, Trio Amatou PV, DECO*27’s influence or Teddyloid providing a sick remix of an already good song. Take your pick. I have a weird time trying to figure out who to recommend this to though. To Vocaloid fans? No because Genomi Chronicle isn’t Mozaik Role… exactly. People who enjoyed the PSG OST? No, because that was pretty out there and I know a lot of people who enjoyed it don’t necessarily enjoy J-Pop. IF, however, do happened to enjoy those three things then you need to hurry up and give this a listen.

(Also, if you were interested as I was there is artwork of Mukei Spirit and the short Genomi Chronicle part based off of Trio Amatou’s PV on pixiv. Tags are  無形スピリット and ゲノミクロニクル, respectively)

Available at CDJapan.

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