Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 8

I’m not going to elaborate or anything. I just wanted to say: CALLED IT. Although it was pretty obvious what was gonna happen to Sayaka. I guess for my prediction to be 100% right she has to be the witch from the first episode. In which case, I find it easy to believe Kyouko will die fighting her. It’s going to be pretty intense.

The problem is that if Sayaka IS that witch (aside from any random witch) then would the throwback fight be the main event? Wouldn’t they show that at the end of the series? Unless they beat Sayaka, Madoka magical girls-it up and goes onto to kick some Kyubey ass. EDIT: Err, I forgot about Walpurgis. I can see Sayaka getting taken out now.

I keep getting this idea of Madoka making a wish for Sayaka, Mami, Homura and Kyouko to have never made a contanct with Kyubey, nay, never even meet Kyubey where they all become normal regular girls and Madoka relays time to fight all their battles without them knowing in a twisted meta turn of events. But that would never happen. But if it did, I would bow to Shaft. EDIT x2COMBO: So Homura is from an alternative timeline? My theory is 20% (that sounded like a good solid number) more justifiable now! I wonder if the manga series that is coming out with different characters will have something to do with that timeline?

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  • Nopy

    February 25, 2011

    I haven’t thought about Sayaka being the witch at the beginning, but that’s an interesting idea. She would have to survive for a while for that to be true though.

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