Exit Trance Speed Anime Trance Best 12 Info

Well the Exit Tunes website doesn’t have any information up on the album yet, CDJapan apparently does. So, I figured I would jump the gun and post what tracklist preview they do have. Of course SATB 12 doesn’t come out until the 06 of April so the tracklist may change before then. It has happened before. Hopefully these aren’t the only appealing tracks on the album but so far it looks better than the abysmal tracklist from the last album. Another Shiki song would be nice though.

Exit Trance Speed Anime Trance Best 12 Tracklist Preview:

1. God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai/The World God Only Knows)
2. Irony (Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)
3. No Buts!! (To Aru Majutsu no Index II)
4. DOWN TOWN (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru) !!!

List subject to change and will be updated when further information is available.


  • Mark

    March 14, 2011

    yeyyyh well man only rest wait while come out the fuck album, for some good blog man xD

  • tranceevil-sama

    April 16, 2011

    01 THEME FOR PANTY&STOCKING / Hommarju feat. Yusuke
    02 侵略ノススメ☆ / Booing Day feat. mi-mi
    03 正解はひとつ!じゃない!! / Hommarju feat. Latte + R.Cena + 405
    04 ピンキージョーンズ / Dizzi Mystica feat. R.Cena + 405 + mi-mi
    05 OVER SKY / Booing Day feat. Latte
    06 MORE-MORE LOVERS!! / Booing Day feat. mi-mi
    07 MOON SIGNAL / Icon feat. yumemi + 405
    08 本能のDOUBT / Booing Day feat. mamiko
    09 HELP!! / Dizzi Mystica feat. yumemi + si-na
    10 LAST VISION FOR LAST / Dizzi Mystica feat. yumemi
    11 FLY AWAY / Hommarju feat. MFMW
    12 COSMOS VS ALIEN / plasma feat. 405
    13 DOWN TOWN / MK feat. YURiE
    14 絆-KIZUNAIRO-色 / Dizzi Mystica feat. Nahoko
    15 カレンデュラレクイエム / MK feat. R.Cena
    16 比翼の羽根 / Dizzi Mystica feat. R.Cena
    17 GOD ONLY KNOWS第三幕 / Icon feat. YURiE
    18 ハートの確率 / Hommarju feat. si-na + Latte
    19 メタメリズム / Icon feat. R.Cena

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