Wakfu S2 Episode 4: The Return of Tristepin

Unusual thing to blog about? Well episodic blogging is an unusual for this blog in general! But I can post whatever I like so I shall post this instead of spamming twitter as I usually do!

Also, I do know this episode came out on Saturday but subs don’t usually show up until Monday (though those who watch this show will already most likely know that) and there was a delay that kept them until today. On the matter of subs, a twitter feed for subs is available now so you can safely bypass the/coc/ thread and avoid spoilers.

I’m not going to go into event-specific details because nobody really needs that. Writing episodics with lengthy descriptions have proven time and time again to not be my forte but I would like to discuss S2 so far and get some thoughts off my chest. I’ve had no where to send them and a blog of all places would probably make sense. I guess if you’ve only seen the first season of Wakfu then you are treading spoilered grounds and it is probably too late to unread what you probably have already read. If you have not watched Wakfu, which I am sure is 98% of my readers here, then this means nothing to you. Carry on as you were.

Leaving off from the last episode, Yugo is surrounded by ghouls, including ghoul-Amalia and ghoul-Ruel. Blah bloo blee blah. Eva traded Remy to get sword-Grovy back and traded away what will most likely turn out to be Rushu. OR MAYBE NOT. idk. So we knew from episode one based on this HIGHLY SPOILERIFIC title (at least it was at the time) that Grovy would remain dead. Bad writing? We’ll touch on that in a bit. Anyways, it even showed his return very briefly in the last episode preview but I guess nobody is so dense they saw this as a surprise. I am rambling so let’s continue.

Lots of people were pissed when they realized Grovy was coming back. I read French profanities my innocent little eyes did not need to see. However, it did not bother me at all. I didn’t mind Grovy and I suppose I did like him. Had the whole series been dubbed I can safely say I would not have for that almost offensively bad canadian-styled accent he had. It was horrible and it would have made him a joke character in my eyes forever. It is hard to describe and how I feel about S2 so far without referring to the end of S1. To put it bluntly? I cried like a little girl. Not because I was attatched to Grovy, as I’ve already said. But the entire presentation of his death and the end of S1.

I like to think the fluid animation (for those who don’t know the series is normally animated via flash in France but the last two episodes were done in actual animation in Japan) helped the emotional intensity of the finale but I honestly didn’t notice until a second rewatching. Why? Because I couldn’t appreciate the animation through all my tears. Grovy’s death was not overly dramatic or sad nor was it surprising but that was only because I was spoiled around episode sixteen when the series got really good. Eva’s reaction was what got me as well as Grovy’s final words. But you know what really broke me? Yugo, an innocent little kid, realizing his close friend was dead and going into an insane rage. Okay, that wasn’t so bad. But when he used the cube to go back in time and was full of total and complete hope that he had gone back to before Grovy had been killed only to realize that was not the case? Just twisting the knife.

I’ll move on to talking about S2 once again. I don’t think bringing Grovy back cheapens the emotional impact of the last episode. I applaud any series that can make you feel anything but I hold a series in even higher regards when it manages to leave me sobbing. Though Kamina’s death meant nothing to me in particular, I am able to liken the emotional impact of both to each other. Another comparison can be made in that when TTGL was airing, I do recall some people hoping Kamina would revive or something. Looking back now, we all know that would have tarnished the series, wouldn’t it? Can the same be said about Wakfu? No, I don’t think so. Yugo would not have grown from Grovy’s death as Simon did with Kamina’s. If I must make one complaint it is that the end of S1 with Eva’s “I’ll enter you in the legend” bit and starting to write the tale of Grovy… now that was perfect. If that would have been the end of the series, I could not have asked for more.

I hope Eva’s character isn’t derailed any further though. Running away and leaving Amalia to chase shadows? That seems very unlike her. Amalia was usually her first priority in S1. i can understand being upset and desperate for a chance to save Grovy but it still seems like a whole level of immaturity that Eva was higher above.

I honestly have nothing to say about Yugo right now because I learned last season the episodes without him were usually much more enjoyable at the end. And in episode three, that ‘too pure’, thing? Really? Why not just say it was because he was an Eliatrope? Maybe it was just a passing remark but I don’t doubt they’ll expand upon it. Unfortunately.

Also, episode four had NO Adamai. I was thoroughly pleased.

Back to Eva and Grovy? SURE. Okay, I don’t think their relationship near the end of the series was forced. I saw the signs at the beginning of the series and perhaps I jumped to shipping conclusions but I was right in the end. I just don’t think they expanded on it enough so it seemed unnatural when they were suddenly into each other. Bad handling there.

Another thing? Eva cut her hair, obviously. At first I was apprehensive (read: GETTING READY TO RAGE) until I realized it made her even more spectacularly cute. She may be an exception but I’ve already made my stance on haircuts loud and clear.

WELL I’ve rambled enough. tl;dr bad writing won’t be bad to me unless they kill Grovy again or continue to pull overbearing drama like in this episode even though one character was JUST resurrected and geez it’s not like he’d die that quick!


  • Ben

    April 12, 2011

    Just making a minor correction to your blog.
    The show is,in fact,a mix of flash,traditional and 3d animation.Flash for the simple animation,dialogues and some walks,traditional for the more complex animation,action sequences and some fx like fire(it then gets retraced in flash to keep a unity of look.flash is also used to do the inbetweening of the traditional animation)and 3d for some backgrounds and for the animation of some objects.Episode 22 was done in japan using the same techniques as the rest of the show.Only the Nox special was all done in traditional animation.Only those two episodes were done in japan.

  • Fang-tan

    April 15, 2011

    Wow, I was always under the impression it was mostly just flash. Thanks! I’ll make the correction soon!

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